Netflix Announces Upcoming Series Contract with 4 Anime Studios

Netflix Announces Upcoming Series Contract with 4 Anime Studios

Netflix announces the upcoming anime series contract with four anime studios. They collaborate with studios are the Japanese MAPPA, NAZ, and Science SARU, and Studio Mir for new anime series.

The streaming service already releases a new anime series every month. But they want more because the fans waiting for new and fresh anime series from the Netflix platform. They also has signed exclusive production line partnerships with other Japanese production houses including Production I.G and bones in 2018. And Anima, Sublimation, and David Production in 2019. Over the years of agreement of these studios. Now, Netflix has a new announcement, our partnership is brought to a total of nine production houses.

And also the first time, their creative partner in Tokyo bolsters partnerships beyond Japan to Studio Mir in Korea.

Netflix’s Anime Chief Producer Taiki Sakurai talks about this new deal, “In just four years, we’ve built a dedicated team based in Tokyo that serves to entertain the global anime community through new and aspirational storytelling. With these additional partnerships with industry trailblazers who do amazing work often marrying the latest technologies and traditional hand-drawn animation, we’re excited to bring fans a greater variety of even more amazing stories.”

Here are a few anime series from this Netflix deal:

  • Science SARU – Japan Sinks: 2020/Devilman Crybaby
  • MAPPA – Yuri on Ice/Kakegurui/The God of High School/AOT: Final Season
  • Studio Mir – The Legend of Korra/Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
  • Naz Studios – Id: Invaded/My First Girlfriend Is a Gal

Netflix also shared a video on its official NX Twitter account and you can watch below!

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