Netflix Announces a New Deal With Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), Are Netflix Originals for Kids in the Pipeline?

Netflix Announces a New Deal With Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF), Are Netflix Originals for Kids in the Pipeline?

If there’s one thing Netflix is known for apart from importing foreign shows and giving them a wider audience, is being experimental. The streamer has never shied away from doing something entirely different from its peers. And this time around, the digital giant has announced a new partnership deal with the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF). This deal will produce two new Netflix kid-friendly original shows for Australia. 

The streamer is currently looking for ideas

Following the announcement, the streamer also put out a call for some original ideas that are in early development. It can be of any genre from sport to culture. There is no restriction on genre or theme, but it has to be suited for kids. If the initial idea is approved, Netflix and ACTF will jointly fund the two kids’ originals. Currently, the platform carries these Australian shows – Little Lunch, Back to the Outback, Surviving Summer, The InBESTigators, and Dive Club. They are the inspiration behind the platform’s decision to go ahead with two originals that would celebrate Australia. 

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Jenny Buckland, CEO of ACTF put out a statement: “The ACTF is thrilled to be partnering with Netflix to find and develop two new Australian children’s series for their global audience.  Australian kids love Netflix and they deserve to see their own shows on the platform, and Australian producers make kids shows the whole world loves – it’s a great match.”

What are the criteria for the Netflix kids series?

The platform plans on producing one live-action series for tweens (6-12 years) and an animated series for preschoolers. For the former, the streamer is looking for “quick hooks”. The tone should be light and “aspirational”. It can be unscripted as well but should be fantasy, adventure, or drama. The streamer hasn’t put a hard stop at the run time of the animated series. However, the content should not be less than 3 minutes. This means the creators can get creative with ideas without worrying about the run-time. But the story and the episode should be consistent. Creators can use 2D, CG, and even mixed media for their ideas. 

Send your application to before 31 May 2022. 

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