Will College Dropout Kanye West Lose His Honrary Degree to an Online Petition?

Will College Dropout Kanye West Lose His Honrary Degree to an Online Petition?

If Kanye West was breaking boundaries with his music and fashion brands earlier, now he is doing it with his words. The dream of building a fashion empire around Yeezy which, according to the rapper, would put all the big boys to shame has long been kept aside. And instead, the Yeezy owner is on his way to the right of the wrong of his haphazard election campaign in 2020 with the launch of a carefully thought-out one.

If you consider going on live television to yell about his love for Hitler after getting banned for being anti-sematic is a well-thought election-winning strategy, then yes Ye’s election is brilliant. From stopping Taylor Swift mid-speech to say that Beyonce deserved the award to putting his ex-mother-in-law as his Instagram profile picture, the No Child Left Behind rapper has redefined what it means to be outspoken.

And just a couple of months ago, when the target of his outbursts was a white boy with spikey hair, fans were all for it. But now the rapper cannot stop talking about his love for the Nazis for the sake of his life or career. And this is costing Ye big time.

Kanye West to lose Doctorate after deals?

Ever since the “White Lives Matter” t-shirts, the Grammy-winning artist is progressively moving towards rock bottom. When Ye first claimed that GAP was copying his designs, fans who believed in the theory of him being a genius sided with him.

But the coming weeks saw everything from Ye exposing Kim Kardashian’s private tapes to his outrageous antisemitism. And if the lowest on the scale is “selling ex-wife’s s*x tapes,” then you know that things have gone south.

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While losing deals is one thing, West may also lose his honorary doctorate.

An online petition is asking the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to revoke the honorary doctorate that was given to Ye in 2015.  The last time we checked, the petition had collected almost 4,047 signatures. The fact that the first album that Taylor Swift, who is currently basking in the glory of her award-winning album, bought was College Dropout by Kanye West and now Ye may as well be forced to become, is something no one saw coming.

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