Sean Hayes Impersonation of Laura Linney’s Wendy Byrde in ‘Ozark’ Parody Will Leave You in Splits

Sean Hayes Impersonation of Laura Linney’s Wendy Byrde in ‘Ozark’ Parody Will Leave You in Splits

In his parody of Ozark, Sean Hayes has stripped off the ruthlessness of Laura Linney’s Wendy Byrde. The Netflix show had a big finale. It ended with too many characters’ death and an open ending. Like its setting, the ending was equally bleak. The award-winning show, Ozark is one of the top-performing and longest-running shows on Netflix.

However, Sean Hayes lends a comedic element to the otherwise serious character of Wendy Byrde. 

Netflix should take Sean Hayes if there’s ever an Ozark spin-off 

Taking the stage, Sean emphasized that he was initially a part of the show. Apparently, he was going to play Wendy, but the producers gave the part to Laura Linney. He revealed that his “buddy” Jason Bateman was kind enough to give him the deleted footage. 

The parody included references to Jason’s movie, Teen Wolf Too. He parodied the part when Marty and Laura visit a couples’ therapy session. Dressed as Wendy, Sean provokes her husband by calling him Teen Wolf. Acting as the couple’s therapist, Kimmel’s sidekick, Guillermo tells them, “You two are f***ing crazy.” Obviously, this was far from what happened in the show. 


Sean looked like he was having the time of his life. He took time to wink at the camera often, and even coolly smoked a cigarette while sipping a martini. Sean’s Wendy also didn’t hide her feelings, calling Marty straight out a “sneaky little b****.” The best part was when he showed up with awards that Linney was robbed off of at the Academy Awards.

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Wendy was a compelling character on the show. Although she appeared as a timid housewife in the first season, she eventually transitioned into a ruthless woman. Wendy was ready to do anything to attain her ambitions even if that meant killing off her brother, Ben to save her family. Laura Linney embodied the grey character to perfection. She and Bateman created a crime drama that will go down in history as one of the best ever produced for TV. 

You can watch all seasons of Ozark on Netflix.

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