James Gunn Wants Henry Cavill Back in the DCU but Not as Superman

James Gunn Wants Henry Cavill Back in the DCU but Not as Superman

The DC as led by James Gunn has been total chaos ever since their fan-favorite, Henry Cavill washed his hands off two signature projects of his own. While there have been hundreds of suggestions to consider, Gunn has been seemingly firm on his decision of not casting Cavill as the team for the first space.

Nonetheless, Cavill fans need not be worried as Henry Cavill is not entirely out of the process, as rumors suggested a few days ago. In fact, Gunn is planning on something bigger that would suit The Witcher star. As reported exclusively by GiantFreakinRobots, Gunn is probably looking out for a new role to cast Henry Cavill. 

However, the only thing that seems certain at this point is that Cavill will not be returning as the legit Superman of Hollywood as Gunn suggested. But he has a new shoe to fill. Owing to his brilliant body form and structure, the star is being offered a similar role if he wishes to continue with DC being a part of the issue. 

The outlet’s first guess about Cavill’s supposed new role hinted at Superman’s body-alike Frankenstein’s monster. The character has been DC’s age-old classic and has never too known like the rest of the superheroes in the universe. First appearing in an issue of Directive Comics in 1948, the creator reveals that he did not get much chance to experiment with this character.

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What is the role Henry Cavill would like to play? 

It is also to note that Frankenstein will play an important role in DC’s forthcoming projects like God & Monsters in the first wave. In fact, what has added more speculations about Cavill’s return is James Gunn’s confirmation of a new HBO Max animated series which is almost all set to hit the theatres. 

The chances of Henry Cavill being on board is quite decent. Also, for the time being, this is not the only Frankenstein project Henry Cavill has landed up with. Reports have it that he has some ongoing negotiations with Universal Pictures that is trying to bring the creature like that. 

Do you think Cavill will be joining us in his role? what are your opinions about the same?

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