Is There a Real “Meat Suit” in ‘Bad Vegan’? The Cast Reveals The Truth, Here’s All You Should Know

Is There a Real “Meat Suit” in ‘Bad Vegan’? The Cast Reveals The Truth, Here’s All You Should Know

We have had enough of frauds that included fraudsters who diddled women, their rich friends, family, and whatnot. But never did we imagine that a supposedly mystical swindler in a meat suit would be so convincing in his fraud. Of course, we are talking about Netflix’s fresh and flaunting docuseries Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. The series introduced us to yet another fraud, but this time with a little twist. So what is this twist? And what’s the deal with meat suit in Bad Vegan? If you are eager enough to know, hang on. We have it all sorted for you here.

What really happened between Sarma and Anthony?

Everything was going smoothly in the life of a successful restaurateur, Sarma Melngailis, until she met this guy in a meat suit! Yes, Anthony Strangis, the man with the perfect name and the love of her life. He’d promised Sarma to make her and her beloved dog immortal. All she had to do was to go through some ‘cosmic endurance test.’ Apparently, these tests also included the transfer of money that Sarma didn’t even own. Some of it was from the investors, others for the employees. The pair fascinatingly stole around 2 million dollars from the restaurant.

Later on, Sarma explained how the guy took all the control over her brain. Throughout her time with Anthony, she was brainwashed and mentally abused by her better half. She was so convinced by his made-up theories that she actually believed in everything he theorized from his power to make her immortal, to his concept of the meat suit! We know it sounds absurd, and so do the fans. But the documentary has left us intrigued; that much is for sure.

Well, having understood this fuss, what actually is a meat suit? And what is its purpose in Bad Vegan? Let’s find it out.

Does Anthony really appear in ‘meat suit’ in Bad Vegan?

Was there a real suit made of flesh in this crime docuseries? Well, this is a natural question for anyone who has already watched the trailer of Bad VeganAnd trust us, the answer is more wizardly and mystical than ever. I mean, the interviewee herself had to pause and think for a moment. Well, here’s the genuine explanation

Sarma Melngailis‘s supernatural boyfriend brought the concept of meat suit. He explained how he is non-human. How his body is just a meat suit, a vessel of his flesh minus the soul. He was so daunting and controlling that he made her behave and act according to him. He made him rob her own restaurant! Astonishing, right? Seems like his assumed sainthood and parody of some great astrologer worked out well. But if only he could actually practice such powers, they would not have ended up arrested.

To surmise, there was no actual suit made up of flesh. But although Sarma served her sentence in jail and divorced the great saint, Anthony Strangis, she could never get over this meat suit.

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If you have already watched Bad Vegan, do let us know in the comment section about your perception of meat suit. And if you haven’t watched it yet, you can always find it here.

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