How to Style Yennefer Costume for Yennefer Cosplay? DIY and Tips

How to Style Yennefer Costume for Yennefer Cosplay? DIY and Tips

The Witcher is back with another season and so is Yennefer. The mage is back at it again, stealing the spotlight. Yennefer has always been a fan favorite and fans expect she will continue to do the same in the following seasons of the series. She’s smart, witty, sweet, and selfless to a fault. Also, not to mention, the incredibly cool costume and dresses the creators put Yennefer in!

Although Yennefer hasn’t been wearing outfits that are very practical, hers are certainly the most distinctive- a cosplayer’s dream. Seeing women like Calanthe and the Broklion Elves, we know that the women of The Witcher can mix practicality with looking good. But they’re warriors while Yennefer focuses on her magic. This gives the creators a large window to experiment with costume ideas for Yennefer and they certainly did a great job.

Black dress with a masquerade mask

One of the best Yennefer costumes from the Netflix series is the black cage dress she wore with a mask. The character wore this intriguing-looking outfit when she first met Geralt of Rivia. The masquerade mask along with the strappy details of the dress makes the look gothic yet elegant at the same time, perfect for a magician who has Elven blood.

This Yennefer costume is also the easiest to recreate. All it takes is a black evening gown and a masquerade mask to cosplay the magician from the Netflix Original.

The iconic “rope” dress

Another Yennefer costume that is iconic is the “rope” dress. The dress is made entirely out of, yes, you guessed it, ropes. Don’t worry, though. It is made of silk robes and not the traditional jute ones we’re used to. Designer Tim Allen said,” “It was, to Anya [Chalotra’s] huge credit, a very heavy dress. It weighed something like twenty-five kilos because even though it was silk rope, it was still rope. He continued, “I think it paid off and looked good, so that was the main thing.”

While this dress Yennefer wore wasn’t the most practical one, it certainly was the most popular costume. Fans of The Witcher were captivated by this ensemble and no wonder. The dress is magnificent and while it wasn’t realistic or practical for Yennefer to wear, cosplayers can certainly have fun with it.

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    Depending on your location, some costumes might take days or even weeks to arrive at your doorstep. We know that Yennefer was born with deformities and that became a reason for his parents, particularly his father, to abuse her physically and verbally. She even tried to commit suicide because of this.

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