Bradley Cooper’s ‘Maestro’ Gets a Huge Addition to Its Cast as THIS ‘Don’t Look Up’ Star Joins the Roaster

Bradley Cooper’s ‘Maestro’ Gets a Huge Addition to Its Cast as THIS ‘Don’t Look Up’ Star Joins the Roaster

We know Bradley Cooper is directing and playing the lead role in the Netflix original Maestro. He has also co-written the script of the movie. As surprised as the fans were after seeing the first look of him as Leonard Bernstein, we have another surprise for you about the update of this beautiful movie. Well, an actor from Don’t Look Up officially joins the cast of Maestro. So exciting, right? Here are all the details about the actor and their contribution to the movie.

Don’t Look Up actor joins the cast of Maestro

Sarah Silverman will be joining the cast of the movie. Based on the story of the great American musician, conductor, author, and composer Leonard Bernstein, the movie Maestro has Bradley Cooper as the iconic man himself. As we have seen, the first look of him as Bernstein, we cannot wait for the movie to be streamed. Carey Mulligan is going to play the role of Bernstein’s wife Felicia Montealegre.

As recently announced, Sarah Silverman will play the role of Shirley Bernstein, Bernstein’s sister. Silverman is an American actor, comedian, and writer. We know her for her addresses to social taboo topics. However, along with Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan, Sarah Silverman has joined the cast, including Matt Bomer and Maya Hawke.

What is Maestro on Netflix about?

Maestro is an upcoming American biographical movie based on the life of Leonard Bernstein. The plot revolves around and covers the 30 years of the beautiful and complex love story of Bernstein and Felicia. The story covers the various stages of Leonard’s life and his relationship.

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We have to wait for this exquisitely told story to watch on the big screen till 2023. When asked Cooper about the movie, he said that Steven Spielberg was king enough to hand over the movie to me and that’s what he had been working on for the last 4 and a half years. Indeed, this journey is going to be thrilling.

After A Star Is Born, this is Cooper’s second movie direction. The cast, including Carey Mulligan, Sarah Silverman, Matt Bomer, and Mya Hawke, are extremely talented artists. We are thrilled about the news of Sarah joining the cast of Maestro.

Hare, look at the first look of Bradley Cooper in the movie.

Though a skillful actor like Sarah Silverman joining the Maestro, a Netflix original, is actually a piece of interesting news. How do feel about this? Let us know here in the comment section.


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