“Don’t call me a poser”: Finn Wolfhard Reveals Why He Adores Skateboarding and Sneakers

“Don’t call me a poser”: Finn Wolfhard Reveals Why He Adores Skateboarding and Sneakers

Finn Wolfhard has been the talk of the town ever since his first appearance on the Netflix Original Stranger Things. His beloved character, Mike Wheeler, is one of the main protagonists of the show. While the 19-year-old Canadian actor has been on our screens since 2013 doing minor roles, the 2016 Stranger Things was his big break. He was also memorable as Riche Tozier in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT and its sequel. In the latest season, the actor blew everyone’s mind with his monologue.

Not unlike the many young performers, Wolfhard has also been bitten by the Sneaker Bug. In an interview with GQ, he mentions the Nike Air Jordans as one of his essentials that he can’t live without. A self-proclaimed sneaker-head, Finn Wolfhard, recently went shopping for kicks in Toronto and candidly shared his preferences on camera.

Complex takes Finn Wolfhard Sneaker Shopping

Complex is known for its Sneaker Shopping show. Recently, the channel uploaded a video with Finn Wolfhard at ODTO, a sneaker store in Toronto, Canada. The host, Joe La Puma, and Finn have a heart-to-heart about their favorite brands, styles, and silhouettes when it comes to shoes. In a moment of candor, Wolfhard shares his journey with shoes and how it began.

He reveals he got into shoes at age 12 once he started acting and doing press tours, and he wanted “to look presentable” He started with the shoe brand Vans and still swears by them, terming them “classic.” The host, Joe, even points out, that Stranger Things is heavy on 80s nostalgia owing to the setting of the series.

Finn agrees that the stuff that the actors wear while filming expanded his knowledge about the sneaker world. It plays a big part in his off-screen style as well. He mentions the “cool white Pumas” that he wore in the first season. Joe and Finn further delve into some collaborations that major shoe companies did with the show. They even geek about the reebok collaboration in the second season when our favorite Hawkins gang dresses up as Ghostbusters.

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Finn’s fascination with the Skateboard Culture

La Puma also brings up Finn Wolfhard’s skating background, referring to a video clip by Young Celebrity World that had come surfaced in 2018. The Canadian actor name-dropped Zumiez, a popular store back in the day, and called it the “mecca” for skateboard merch. He reminisced about two more skateboard stores he visited as a kid to get “cooler clothes:” Antisocial skateboard shop owned by Rick Mccrank and Board Room.

Finn is adorably wary of how his comments and merch would sit with the skateboarding community. He says, “I’m talking like I’m a skater, but I am quite possibly one of the worst. But I really respect it and like skateboarding.” Also afraid of name-calling, he exclaims, “Don’t call me a poser cause I’m not.” Joe and Finn Wolfhard go on to dive deeper into the abyss that is the Sneakers’ world and flesh out their all-time favorites and contemporary designs.

We hope that the skater community embraces our Mike Wheeler and doesn’t call him a poser. Do you agree with the Stranger Things actor’s Sneaker picks? Tell us your preferences in the comments.

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