Natasha Lyonne Gives Life Lessons Ahead of Russian Doll Season 2 Release on Netflix: “It’s okay to be fully realized”

Natasha Lyonne Gives Life Lessons Ahead of Russian Doll Season 2 Release on Netflix: “It’s okay to be fully realized”

Natasha Lyonne the star of Russian Doll sits down with Netflix to offer some tips on living life the right way. The comedy series received a lot of positive reviews upon its debut on Netflix in 2019. And the show is returning for its second season this April 20

The actress lends her support to young girls and the LGBTQ community

Natasha and her character on Russian Doll, Nadia, both come off as strong personalities.  But the actress confessed that she was more like a wallflower back in her high school days. Being shy and looking fragile is the “pinnacle of desirability.”  

It’s a tragic shame obviously that media encourages that. It just really means something to me to you know tell you, young girls that it’s okay to be a fully realised. And that you don’t have to be ashamed if you have an opinion. We’re entitled to a life too.”

At last, she says, “I’m here to tell the young girls that yeah you can be like too much and still get some.”

When talking about allyship, Lyonne is utterly disappointed with how the LGBTQ community is treated.

I’m never not gonna be in shock that people think they have a right to dictate who is or is not allowed to get married. It’s one of the most insane things of all time.”

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Natasha Lyonne talks about past and sisterhood

Just like Nadia, Natasha Lyonne has made peace with her past and thinks of herself as more of a “futurist”.

“I think I maintain a sort of woeful ignorance around potential optimism of could it be that would it ever be a little bit utopian. Is that possible?” 

Hilariously, she doesn’t like the word sisterhood because it makes her think of “weird” things. To her as a college dropout, the closest thing to sisterhood is a sorority.

Her peculiar nature continues as she admits she likes ash in her ice cream. According to her “ashtray is too convenient.” In Pee Wee’s Playhouse, apparently, the ice cream tasted like chalk. Her guide to life is simple, she spaced out most of her life. She’s a “blackout thinker”.

Watch the show here.

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