Natalia Dyer on Stranger Things season 4: “It’s bigger, it’s darker, and it’s gonna be great”

Natalia Dyer on Stranger Things season 4: “It’s bigger, it’s darker, and it’s gonna be great”

Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler in the series, spoke about Stranger Things season 4 in a recent interview.

As the new season of Stranger Things is coming closer and closer to a wrap, many crew and cast members are speaking about it. We’ve been seeing many interviews lately, and this one is one of them. In her interview WMagazine, Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer touched on their run in Atlanta, the young cast members, her thoughts about season 4, and the special effects in the series.

She started by mentioning the crew’s run in Atlanta, where they filmed a lot of scenes in a long period. It seems they’ve become pretty familiar with the area. She also revealed that they were in the last stretch.

“Oh yeah, we’ve become very familiar with Atlanta. Very familiar. We started filming in January of 2020, and then, you know, everything happened. Then we went back in September of 2020 and have been working there since, so I’ve been kind of staying in that mental space since the beginning of 2020.

This season has been quite a different journey; we normally film for six or seven consecutive months. We’re kind of in the last stretch, at least with my part. So it’s been pretty busy—very busy, actually, but also fun.”

After that, the actress was asked about the new season. Well, she did not reveal much. She said that the new season was bigger, darker, and great, which we hear every time from the other cast and crew members. Still, it’s pretty exciting as virtually everyone thinks that the new season is that good.

“I can’t say much. It’s bigger, it’s darker, and it’s gonna be great. It’s such a hard question. I’m like, I can say that, but then I’m like, Oh, can I? I’m not sure….

You know, we kind of pick up a bit after where we left off. I really have been saying the most generic things.

They put us in a really tough spot. I say this every season, but I really am excited. I think the cast and crew are, too—we’re all amazed that despite everything, we were able to keep working.

And I will say, I’ve really come to admire the “kids” on our show. They’re not kids anymore.”

Speaking of the kids, the interviewer mentioned that Finn Wolfhard is a Saint Laurent model now, to which the actor replied:

“I know. So to watch them grow up and hone their craft…. I’ve gained so much respect for them as actors, and really just love working with them.”

“It must be such a strange experience to film something with so many special effects,” said the interviewer. Natalia Dyer shares the same opinion.

“Definitely. And there have been bigger and crazier things happening in every season since the first.

I’m partially so excited about this one because the way we shot it feels so different, so stretched out, you know? There’s stuff we filmed a year and a half ago, which is kind of crazy to still be working on it—like, What did we shoot? That was so long ago.

I’m really curious to see it, though it’ll be a while. We don’t know when, but of course, you edit after you wrap, so it’ll be a minute.”

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