My Name on Netflix: A Young Woman’s Vengeance – Why to Watch This New K-Drama?

My Name on Netflix: A Young Woman’s Vengeance – Why to Watch This New K-Drama?

There is a kind of chemistry between Netflix and Korean dramas, as we just keep getting amazing shows from the Asian country. My Name on Netflix is just another show that proves that. Starring Han So-hee, the drama is something that should be on all of your watch lists, and here is why.

The Korean drama follows a young woman and her road to vengeance after her father was murdered right in front of her eyes. She learns to be a fighter and throws punches. In the process becomes a literal trojan horse. My Name is a show that grows on you.

My Name Netflix plot

The show starts in the small apartment with Ji-Woo (played by Han So-hee) sitting surrounded by her father’s boxing and martial arts trophies. She reminisces about her father, who was murdered right in front of her eyes, that too on her birthday.

Ji-Woo is a girl who functions on her own after her dad went missing for three whole months. However, she was contacted by him on her birthday. After a pretty heated exchange, Dong-hoon decided to visit his daughter. As he stands at the door, she watches as a masked man murders him in cold blood.

Young Ji-Woo then meets a kingpin named Choi Mu-jin, who rescues her and finally gives her a path to avenge her father’s death. She is taken into a fighting gym as a newbie and has to fight her way uphill. While training her, Mu-jin says with great intensity, “If you’re really determined to find and kill him; you must be someone capable of killing others.”

The final fight of the show will give you literal chills as the young girl gives all she has to win. What is even more exciting and baffling is the fact that Ji-Woo will switch her identity over the course of the drama.

Why watch it?

While the idea may seem like some normal or common subject, the way the story is told is rather interesting. Audiences will be left questioning whether the police or even the gangsters will be able to contain the rage Ji-Woo has?

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