What My Hero Academia Characters Are You Compatible With Based on Your MBTI?

What My Hero Academia Characters Are You Compatible With Based on Your MBTI?

My Hero Academia, or Boku No Hero Academia, is a hotpot of personalities and Traits. If you’ve ever seen My Hero Academia on Netflix or anywhere else, you already know that this is true. With the differences in characteristics and personalities of all the characters, you need to know which character’s personality best suits yours, so if you aren’t a bonafide otaku and you want answers, you are in the right place.

Below, you can find out which My Hero Academia character you are most compatible with, based on your MBTI.

The ENFJ Group

Are you a responsive person, who happens to pick up on people’s emotions quickly, you always see the potential in people? Your loyalty is solid. You are most compatible with the understanding of INFP (Tamaki Amajiki) and INTP (Hitoshi Shinso, Tsuyu Asui) groups.

The ISTP Group

Are you always trying to see the bright side of things and the best in people, tolerant, quick to solve problems, and often detached? These qualities make you compatible with ESTJ (Enji Todoroki) and ESFJ (Ochaka Uraraka), who provide both support and a clear structure.

The INTP Group

This group of people would choose ideas over the company of actual people and are highly analytical. These qualities make them a good pair with ENFJ and ENTJ (Toshinori Yagi, Mirio Togata), who always ensure that they make time for what they want.

The ESTP Group

These people are highly energetic, spontaneous, and usually act before thinking things through. This group is known for practicality and an expectation for instant or quick results. ISFJ (Momo Yaoyorozu) and ESFJ (Ochaka Uraraka) are suitable matches, as they can match the energy they receive and be soft when needed.

The ESFJ Group

These are the mediators. They tend to be highly cooperative. They actively promote peace, are loyal, committed to making people happy, and are always busy. ISFP (Shoto Todoroki, Ojira Mashirao, Yuga Aoyama, Chizome Akaguro) and ISTP (Shoto Aizawa, Kyouka Jiro) are the perfect matches to bring them the much-needed balance and peace.

The ENTP Group

An alert, spontaneous and problem-solving bunch, these people can read others easily and are well-matched with the practical and idealistic INTJ and INFJ (Kai Chisaki and Izuku Midoriya).

The ISFP Group

Sensitive and kind, ISFPs are quiet, fiercely loyal, and take their solitude seriously. Therefore, ESTJ and ESFJ (Enji Todoroki and Ochaka Uraraka) are the best fit because they have a way of encouraging them to be their best without being overbearing.

The ISTJ Group

Realistic, practical, and incredibly organized, this group sets achievable goals and doesn’t deviate from its targets. It doesn’t matter if their goals cause them to pull away from people. ESTP (Katsuki Bakugo, Hanta Sero, Nemuri Kamaya) and ESFP (Eijiro Kirishima, Mina Ashido, Hizashi Yamada) provide a perfect blend of interaction and social activities to keep ISTJs both active and involved in social interaction.

The ESFP Group

Social, bubbly, and highly spontaneous, this class of people is all about good vibes, work well with others, and hardly ever follow a routine. For this reason, the presence of ISFJ (Momo Yaoyorozu) and ISTJ (Tenya Iida, Fumikage Tokoyami) perfectly balances them.

The INFJ Group

With a high value for relationships and people, the decisiveness and organization of this group make it a good match for the spontaneous ENTP (Denki Kaminari, Mei Hatsume Neito Monoma) and ENFP (Nejire Hado) groups.

The ISFJ Group

Responsible, friendly, and observant, this group boasts loyal, thorough, and committed individuals whose best match is ESFP (Eijiro Kirishima, Mina Ashido, Hizashi Yamada) and ESTP (Katsuki Bakugo, Hanta Sero, Nemuri Kamaya). This match will help bring them out of their shells and infuse some spontaneity into their lives.

The ESTJ Group

Decisive, efficient, strategic, often demanding, this group has a clear brain map. ISFP (Shoto Todoroki, Ojira Mashirao, Yuga Aoyama, Chizome Akaguro) and ISTP (Shoto Aizawa or Kyouka Jiro) will be exceptional at work and provide suitable alternatives during free time.

The ENFP Group

Kai Chisaki (INTJ) and Izuku Midoriya (INFJ) are perfect matches for this group of highly imaginative and supportive individuals. They typically have fluent speaking and pattern-spotting qualities.

The INFP Group

ENTJ and ENFJ (Toshinori Yagi and Mirio Togata) are a good pair for this curious and innovative bunch. They encourage them to take bold steps and truly live.

The INTJ Group

These independent, driven, and quick-thinking people can be somewhat demanding and skeptical at times. So, ENFP (Nejire Hado) and ENTP (Denki Kaminari, Mei Hatsume, Neito Monoma) are needed to balance them and bring out the best in them.

The ENTJ Group

As natural leaders, decisiveness is their watchword. They pride themselves on being knowledgeable, and the realistic Tamaki Amajiki, Tsuyu Asui, Hitoshi Shinso (INFP and INTP) match them well.


No matter your personality type, you can find the My Hero Academia character you would be most compatible with by taking one of the My Hero Academia personality quizzes. Apart from knowing which character matches your personality, you can also take tests and quizzes to know other details on how exactly you would fit in in the My Hero Academia world.

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