“My Head, Heart, and Gut Told Me That It Was Time”: Nick Zano on His Decision to Leave Legends of Tomorrow After Season 7

“My Head, Heart, and Gut Told Me That It Was Time”: Nick Zano on His Decision to Leave Legends of Tomorrow After Season 7

Even though there are many superheroes in the fictional land, there aren’t enough of them. Whether it’s a Marvel or DC superhero film or a non-DC Marvel film like Hellboy or The Incredibles, there’s something for everyone. Take, for example, DC’s superhero series Legends of Tomorrow, which has aired for seven seasons and recently concluded with the season seven finale. And while we all want more, someone has had enough of Legends of Tomorrow, and that person is Nick Zano, who plays Nate Heywood.

Nick Zano, who first appeared on the show in season 2 as the lovable historian-turned-superhero Nate Heywood, is leaving the Waverider, and the season 7 finale marked his final episode as a regular. Nick talked to Entertainment Weekly about his choice to leave the show and more.

What made Nick Zano leave Legends of Tomorrow

Nick decided to leave the show as his contract was ending. During the hiatus, they came to this decision, but he didn’t notify anyone but the producers. After five episodes, the script began to set Nate’s decline, and people noticed. That’s when he told his coworkers the news. Nick reasoned that, “my head, heart, and gut told me that it was time. So, I spoke with Phil, and then we started. To Phil’s credit, he gave me a beautiful, honorable exit that I’m forever grateful for.” Phil in the context is Phil Klemmer, executive producer of Legends of Tomorrow.

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Nick Zano doesn’t remember the last scene that he shot as Nate Heywood in Legends of Tomorrow

When asked about the last scene he shot on the Legends of Tomorrow sets, Nick replied, “I have no idea. It was something [with] a crane. We were looking up. I really don’t recall”. It overwhelmed him with emotion at the prospect of leaving, even though he knew it would be this way, he didn’t expect to miss it so much.

What will Nick miss most about the show

It’s been so long since the cast and crew have worked on the show that they’ve developed their own jokes and lingo that only they understand. Nick said, “I really love Legends shorthand. I love our jokes, verbiage, and the things we say that only apply if you work on the show. If you didn’t know us, you wouldn’t know what the hell we were saying to each other.” And that is what he will miss most about the show.

The actor isn’t sure what he’ll do next, but he’s worked in a variety of genres, including sitcoms, superhero shows, sci-fi shows, and comedies. Toward the end of the interview, he also thanked the Legends of Tomorrow fans for their support.

Check out Netflix if you want to start with another superhero series. Also, let us know in the comments how you felt about Legends of Tomorrow season 7 finale.

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