Movies to Watch on Netflix That Celebrates Black History Month

Movies to Watch on Netflix That Celebrates Black History Month

With February being Black History Month, Netflix’s vast catalog offers a range of movies that deal with the struggles of being Black in a majority of white society. Apart from popular Netflix originals like When they see us, there are several other hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered. We have compiled a list of such stories of survival, loss, and courage. 

Black History Month Movies to watch

Beasts of no nation

If you haven’t watched this harrowing tale of a little boy being robbed off of his childhood and being trained into a child soldier, this should be the first movie on your list to celebrate Black History Month. 

Idris Elba plays the character of a warlord, who takes Agu away from his parents to train him into an assassin. Helmed by director Cary Joji Fukunaga, the movie is intense and brutal. It shows you the genuine horrors unfolding in Ghana. 

Fun fact: This is the first movie that Netflix produced hoping to bag an Oscar, but the Academy decided otherwise.

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All day and a night

Jakhor Lincoln wanted to be a better man than his dad. He didn’t want to follow the same path as his abusive druggie dad. He wanted to be a rapper, but events led him to commit two homicides which landed him in the same prison as his father. The drama is essentially a message about what it means to be black, and the trauma and racism that black men endure. 

Burning sands

Released in 2017, Gerard McMurray takes us to Frederick Douglass University where five freshmen have to undergo intense hazing to become a part of Lambda Lambda Phi fraternity.  

Zurich is determined to pledge Lambda Lambda Phi after his father dropped out of med school. But, he soon learns the cost of attaining such brotherhood. 


Amina is a fairly recent movie released in 2021. It is based on true events as it depicts Queen Amina, fighting off enemy forces to keep her Kingdom safe in the 16th century, Zazzau, now Zaria. 

All the movies are available to stream on Netflix.

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