Mortel Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and Trailer

Mortel Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and Trailer

What is the release date for Mortel season 3? Is supernatural TV series renewed or canceled after the second season?

Mortel season 2 has finally landed on the Netflix after a very long time. This series is now available to stream on Netflix with its six episodes that last between 40 – 70 minutes. Fans have already binge-watched the show and they are wondering whether the series will continue or not.

The first season of the TV series landed on Netflix back in November 2019. After a whopping time gap of 19 months, the fans of the show finally got the watch the new episodes on July 2th, 2021. Will the series continue after a quite problematic journey, though? Has Netflix announced a release date for Mortel season 3 yet? Is the show renewed?

Is Mortel Cancelled?

Created by Frederic Garcia, the supernatural series had a very rough journey. Lots of other platforms have refused to stream the show in the past. It actually got a cancellation after the first season made its debut as well. Then Netflix dropped a trailer for the second installment of the series and announced that it would be available in July 2021.

Although Mortel has managed to create a solid fanbase, the series has received lots of negative reviews too. The streaming giant gave it another chance and released the second season after a very long filming process. On the other hand, we also know that the creator of the show wishes it to have at least three seasons.

Garcia might want his series to have three installments. But it all comes up to the viewership calculations and the show’s performance on the charts. If the supernatural series fails to gain a solid attraction, the world’s leading streamer will probably cancel the show. With that said, most people believe that there will not be a third season despite the shocking ending we got.

Netflix has not made any announcements regarding Mortel’s status as of July 2021. We might hear the sad news soon. The popular streaming service might also confirm the show and order another season. So let’s not lose hope against all odds.

Mortel Season 3 Release Date

Mortel Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More
Mortel – Credit: Netflix

As mentioned earlier, Mortel’s future is in a critical position right now. It all comes down to the performance of the series and the number of views. Netflix also analyzes the reaction of its audience to decide whether a series should continue or not.

Assuming that the series got a renewal and Mortel season 3 is on the way, we will have to wait at least a year and a half to watch the new episodes. The earlier possible release date for the third installment of Mortel might be Fall 2022.

Mortel Season 3 Plot

The French supernatural series follows a group of people who can use their superpowers only if they are physically close to each other. Determined to find the mystery behind a murder, Victor, Luisa and Sofiane go on a dangerous path and make a deal with a supernatural being.

After fighting against Obe and going through hell, Sofiane and Victor had to make very difficult decisions. After witnessing Obe’s power and hearing a baby crying, the group is now in the endgame.

Who will be in Mortel season 3 cast?

As Netflix has not officially renewed the series, we do not know whether we are going to see new faces in the cast. Though the actors and actresses in the previous season will probably return. We have listed the main Mortel cast below:

  • Carl Malapa as Sofiane Kada
  • Nemo Schiffman as Victor Wandervelt
  • Manon Bresch as Luisa Manjimbe
  • Corentin Fila as Obe
  • Sami Outabali as Reda Kada
  • Firmine Richard as Elizabeth
  • Anais Thomas as Audrey Jourdant
  • Raphaelle Agogue as Celine Wanderwelt

Mortel Season 3 Trailer

We do not have a trailer for the third season yet. To get our hands on a teaser video, we will have to wait for Netflix to renew the show and order a new season.

Assuming that the filming starts in the last quarter of 2021, the earlier possible release date for a trailer might be summer 2022. Though you can watch the trailer video for the second season below to have a small tribute for the series:

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