Money Heist Movie – Can Netflix Make One to Finally Close the Series?

Money Heist Movie – Can Netflix Make One to Finally Close the Series?

The fifth and final season of Money Heist was quite a rollercoaster ride. Fans bid goodbye to many characters as they passed away (RIP Nairobi and Tokyo) and others were finally done with the life of crime. Nonetheless, there are many questions the series finale left unanswered. Can Netflix ultimately bring the series to an end with a final Money Heist movie?

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For a Money Heist movie to be there, there will have to be certain questions that the show must have left unanswered. While the final addition to the series gradually dealt with and revealed most things that puzzled the fans, others seemed to have been forgotten.

Questions the series answered

The biggest question that kept viewers hooked until the very end of Money Heist was- how will the gang out alive? How did they plan on evading Tamayo and other authorities? What guarantee was there that the members wouldn’t be tired of their post-heist isolated lives like the last time?

Before that, the audiences had the baffling question of how the gang would get the gold out. There was no hidden tunnel this time where the members could pass the gold on. The baffling reason behind melting the gold into small grains was ingenious, to say the least.

The unanswered questions

The list of answered questions isn’t as significant. These are mostly the trivial details that the creators seem to have forgotten about in the larger scheme of things. Nonetheless, they are worthy of a mention.

We need to know more about the note the Professor wrote to Rafael that convinced him to give up the exploits of, literally, the biggest heist in the world. How did Helsinki manage to walk around effortlessly when the doctors said that he had permanently lost his ability to do so?

In the final season of the Netflix Original, we saw Stockholm use drugs as a coping mechanism. She obviously seems to have developed PTSD. Though left as an open ending for the fans to interpret, it would be nice to know whether the creators intended a happy ending for this character.

There are other trivial details that the creators seemed to have completely missed. The whereabouts of Sofia, the pet ferret, is one such example. We also do not know whether the gang members stayed true to their word to Torres and other hostages they promised to pay in the first heist. And if they did indeed stick to their words, how was it possible to do so without legal interference?

And then comes the most baffling question. The fact that it escaped the minds of the creators is perplexing. What happened to the members of the gang that were melting the gold? They seemed to have vanished into thin air as soon as Tamayo broke in.

Will there be a Money Heist movie?

Compared to the massive number of themes and plots Money Heist covers, the details it missed out on aren’t quite that significant. Fans were highly intrigued by Berlin, especially after his death. And so the platform announced a spin-off series surrounding the character. Considering the fact that Berlin is, well, dead, the spin-off won’t be able to explore the storylines Money Heist missed out on.

Despite that, the probability of a Money Heist movie seems low. As disappointing as that is, fans of the series are left to their own devices regarding the unanswered questions. Unless, of course, they vehemently demand a film.

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