Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Favorite Scene From Stranger Things 4: “it’s very real and authentic”

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Favorite Scene From Stranger Things 4: “it’s very real and authentic”

The series introduced Eleven, a mysterious kid with shaved head roaming around in Hawkins town. Eventually turned out to be the central character of the supernatural fiction drama Stranger Things. Millie Bobby Brown has played an exceptional role of a telekinetic kid who entered the real world for the first time. As she has spent most of her life trapped in the Hawkins National Laboratory with Dr. Martin Brenner. Undoubtedly, Millie has always loved her character and shares her favorite scene from season 4 volume 1 with the audience. 

Millie Bobby Brown is liking the changing scenarios in new episodes of Stranger Things 

Millie has been playing Eleven since she was a kid as she devoted eight long years to her character in the series. Viewers became attached to the little girl hiding in the basement of Mike Wheeler. However, Millie also likes the teenage self of Eleven who is struggling without her psychic abilities. Because she is a more mature person who is finding meaning in her relationships and questioning her existence without supernatural powers.

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Millie in her interview expressed her interest in a special scene where Mike and Eleven are fighting. After smacking Angela’s face she finally breaks down and asks Mike if he is scared of her too or considers her a ‘monster’ like others. 

The character of Eleven is transforming with the pace of time as they all are teenagers now 


In season 4 viewers can see a normal insecure girl who is going through chaotic situations in High School and having arguments with her boyfriend as teenagers do. 

“It’s very emotional. I think it shows a real, true girl dealing with her insecurities I really enjoyed that” said Millie Bobby Brown

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Millie Bobby Brown says that she liked how Eleven is distraught emotionally and finally conveyed her thoughts to Mike. She believes that she is not the superhero anymore that everyone used to love, including Mike. Before Eleven has always been a self-contained savior helping others who don’t have time to contemplate her problems. Hence, new changes are coming for Eleven where she will find herself no matter whether she possesses some powers or not but will surely be a teenager. 

Watch season 4 volume 1 to find out more about changing persona of Eleven in Stranger Things!

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