Michael Connelly Has a Bad News for Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller’s Fans With ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Release on Netflix

Michael Connelly Has a Bad News for Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller’s Fans With ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Release on Netflix

Crime drama fans are going to have their best summers yet with The Lincoln Lawyer dropping on Netflix on May 13 and the Bosch spinoff, Bosch: Legacy already available for streaming on Amazon’s Freevee. Despite Bosch ending with the seventh season, fans don’t have to say goodbye to the characters. They can enjoy streaming both shows simultaneously. Since both the series are adapted from different Michael Connelly novels fans are hoping for a crossover. And here comes the bad news – a crossover isn’t going to happen.

Why isn’t a crossover possible?

The author extinguished all hopes when he said,Since we have competing studios, that’s not going to be a thing in the shows. I understand.”

“But if we got Amazon and Netflix working together, we could also solve world peace,” he added.

David E.Kelley is the showrunner of  The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix, while Eric Overmyer oversees the Bosch spinoff. The former is based on the author’s second novel The Brass Verdict and the seventh season of Bosch takes inspiration from The Burning Room. The spinoff is likely to adapt to the other books in the series. The lead characters from both the series, Mickey and Bosch feature heavily in each other’s novels. For example in The Brass Verdict, Mickey and Bosch work together to solve a case. But that isn’t going to happen on the show. At best both the shows can acknowledge the crossover. 

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Is Mickey Haller from Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix related to Amazon Bosch’s Harry Bosch?

The two characters are half brothers. They share a father, J. Michael Haller. Their father is also an attorney. Apart from their biological relation their professions also tend to overlap. Mickey is a Los Angeles attorney and his half-brother is an LAPD homicide detective. Both of them also reside in the same state. 

Connelly was involved in the writing room for both shows. He confirmed that Netflix’s version is more loyal to the book. As charming as Matthew McConaughey was in the 2011 movie, Manuel Garcia Rulfo’s Haller doesn’t have any fake Dallas drawl and is Mexican American.

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