Meghan Markle’s Routine Facial Treatment Costs A Good Five-figure-worth UK Salary

Meghan Markle’s Routine Facial Treatment Costs A Good Five-figure-worth UK Salary

If you’re a member of the Royal Family you should always get accustomed to some really high-maintenance lifestyles. Have you ever seen Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle in unbrushed hair or undone make-up? Their lightest touch-up to glamorous makeup always comes in quality brands and well-known products. Although the commoners might feel the stint of affording even one of the same, it is not much of a deal for the Duchess of Sussex to own a plethora of it. 

Everyone is well-versed in the beauty regime that the Royal women follow. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is no exception. Although there was a time when she was struggling to pay her house bills at the very least, it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for her after she tied the knot with Prince Harry. Regardless of their being currently estranged from their Royal base in the UK, Markle still has her facial kit intact.

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Every time Meghan Markle spoke about her beauty regime 

Shedding light on her origin, the California native talked about how back in the day she used to believe everything could be cured by either yoga or the beach, or a few avocados. However, sadly it was highly detailed and the surroundings have changed a lot with a heated and pure climate and global warming at an all-time high. Hence, in The Tig, the former American actress gave us a brief insight into what are her must-haves when it comes to facials. 

Translated tweet: “Meghan Markle’s facialist has revealed her secrets to having glowing skin. The beauty is that they are within reach of all of us”

First on the list is Megaformer Pilates (€745) which the Duchess believes is “the best thing you could do for your life”. In fact, she has a Megaformer machine of her own at home which alone costs nearly about €16,680. Markle is a firm believer in yoga as mentioned earlier. This is one of Meghan Markle’s bottom-line beliefs that keeps her health cycle in perfect shape. This was quite evident when she incorporated a yoga platform in their Frogmore Cottage and presumably in her Montecito mansion. 

The mother of two is also a good fan of health supplements as she once revealed to The Chalkboard that she includes magnesium  £11.95 for 90 tablets, B-12 drops, £18.99 for 60 servings, and ashwagandha, £9.98 for 30 capsules. Another mineral-based supplement for Meghan Markle includes Vitamix (€499). She shared her intake procedure of the same in an interview with Today magazine

Following the same, there is a long list of such amazing products and procedures that Meghan Markle uses to get the picture-perfect look. Along with probiotics, she also roots in therapy, acupuncture, and lastly journaling. All of it evidently costs more than someone’s average UK salary per annum. 

How did you like Markle’s beauty regime? Which one of the above-mentioned do you wish to inculcate in your routine? Share with us your favorites in the comments below. 

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