Master of None season 3 release date revealed with the trailer

Master of None season 3 release date revealed with the trailer

Netflix dropped the official trailer and announced the release date for Master of None season 3. Master of None is finally going to be back with its third installment.

Netflix released the first season of this comedy series back in November 2015. After the first season, they released the second season in 2017. Fans had to wait for four more years for the release of the third season. It is here now, as Master of None season 3 is set to be released in May 2021. Netflix revealed the release date and shared the official trailer for the new season.

What is the Master of None synopsis?

The series is about a 30-year-old actor from New York, Dev. The story focuses on his career, his attempts to find a relationship, and the time he spends with his three friends.

The way they tell the story feels very natural and sincere to viewers. Despite being a comedy series, Master of None touches on social phenomenons like relationships, family relations, racism, sexism, and more.

Who is in the cast and the crew of Master of None?

Master of None stars Aziz Ansari, who is also among the creators of the series. Eric Wareheim and Lena Waithe are also in the cast of Master of None. The creators are Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang. In fact, stars are involved in both the writing and producing processes of this series. Maybe this is why it feels very natural for the fans.

What is the synopsis of Master of None?

Here’s the synopsis of the comedy series Master of None:

“Dev is a 30-year-old actor, living in New York City. His life goes by in a humorous, yet meaningful sequence of events.”

What is the release date of Master of None season 3?

Netflix is going to release Master of None season 3 on May 23rd. You can check out the season 3 official trailer below.

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