Mark Ruffalo Winks for Netflix and Fans Go Into a Frenzy: “Just do it, Mark!!”

Mark Ruffalo Winks for Netflix and Fans Go Into a Frenzy: “Just do it, Mark!!”

Mark Ruffalo has had an experienced life than any other Hollywood celebrity. The guy has been through a lot during his early years in the movie industry and yet stands tall. He is probably one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now and is loved by millions. Ruffalo’s fans are always appreciating his acting and his social work on Twitter and Instagram.

However, this time, Mark Ruffalo has straight-up knocked his fans out of the park. Mark has stirred the hearts of millions just with a single wink. Let us see why Ruffalo’s fans are going crazy over him yet again.

Mark Ruffalo steals the heart of his fans

Over the years, in his almost 30-year-long career, Mark has proved to be a bankable star. He not only brings commercial success to producers as he did in The Adam Project but also has proven to be a highly skillful actor. His performances in films like Foxcatcher and The Shutter Island disproved all critics’ claims that the actors cannot do serious roles.

But over the years, the actor has also garnered a huge fanbase for his amazing looks. The actor recently even made Netflix go crazy over a throwback picture of him.

And now a fan of the actor wants him to go all in.

In a reaction to Netflix watering over Mark, the Hulk actor reacted with a smooth wink GIF of him that seems to get as much love as the throwback picture of him.

Fans since have retweeted the GIF and want Mark to “Just do it!”

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If you were a 90s kid or an early 2000s, you must have had a celebrity crush over Mark when he starred in the super-popular Rom-Com 13 going on 30. And it seems like the love and affection for the actors has been passed on to the Gen Zs.

Mark will surely be seen again as the Hulk in the Marvel Series She-Hulk. The release date for the show was leaked recently by Disney+ UK and is alleged to be on August 17th.

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