Lucifer The Final Season Posters Have Arrived

Lucifer The Final Season Posters Have Arrived

Lucifer the final season posters have landed as the last chapter of the beloved TV series is right at the door.

The sixth and the final season of Lucifer will be available to stream on Netflix next month. The show has become one of the most beloved titles on the platform. The fans even saved the series from getting a cancellation at some point. So saying goodbye to the story of Lucifer Morningstar will be quite difficult.

The fans are waiting for the last installment of the series to hit Netflix. In the process, the leading streaming service has revealed the character posters of Lucifer season 6. The posters are more than enough to tease the fans after the trailer dropped on the official YouTube channel. Naturally, it just became more difficult for us to wait for September 10th, which is the release date of the last episodes.

Let’s dive in and check out all the images that Netflix shared for the fans.

The first two posters are of course the Devil himself and Chloe Decker (Lauren German). There are four other high-quality character wallpapers that you can see below.

D.B. Woodside who plays Amenadiel is also among the shared images alongside Lesley-Brandt who plays Mazikeen. And the three other posters belong to Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza, Rachael Harris as Linda Martin, and Aimee Garica as Ella Lopez.

When is the final season coming?

New details and information appear as we get close to the release date of the final season. We also know the names of the last episodes that we are going to watch.

  • EP84 – Nothing Ever Changes Around Here
  • EP85 – Buckets of Baggage
  • EP86 – Yabba Dabba Do Me
  • EP87 – Pin the Tail on the Baddie
  • EP88 – The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar
  • EP89 – A Lot Dirtier Than That
  • EP90 – My Best Fiend
  • EP91 – Save the Devil, Save the World
  • EP92 – Goodbye, Lucifer
  • EP93 – Partners ‘Til the End

All of these episodes will land on the streaming platform on September 10, 2021. And the first episode of Lucifer the final season will be directed by Kevin Alejandro, who plays Dan Espinoza in the show.

The fantasy and detective fiction show made its debut on Fox back in 2016. The series is actually based on the DC Comics character created by the master of fiction, Neil Gaiman. After running for three seasons on Fox, the series was canceled. There would not be any new seasons if Netflix did not intervene. The streaming giant picked up the series and renewed it for three more seasons. And after a long journey, the final chapter of the hit title will arrive on the service. You can also watch the trailer video that Netflix shared a week ago to prepare yourself to bid farewell.

And here’s the official synopsis of the series for the last season if you want to know what to expect.

“Lucifer scored the promotion, but does he really want the job? Plus, Chloe prepares to give up detective work, Amenadiel joins the LAPD, and more. All bad things must come to an end. The final season of Lucifer premieres on Netflix on September 10th.”

Here’s everything to know about the current status of the show. Feel free to download Lucifer the final season posters as well.

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