Lucifer season 6 is done with its filming process today

Lucifer season 6 is done with its filming process today

Lucifer season 6 is done with the filming process, and we’ll have to wait for the post-production to finish to watch the last season of the series.

Lucifer season 5 part 2 was under the spotlight today with a leaked release date, which was then confirmed to be true. We just learned the release date of Lucifer season 5 part 2 which is in this May. After this announcement, Lucifer’s star also revealed that they finished filming the sixth season of Lucifer. Slowly coming to an end after years of on and off production, Lucifer was active today with all this news. Anyways, here’s what Tom Ellis said regarding the filming of Lucifer season 6.

Tom Ellis reveals Lucifer season 6 finishes filming

Retweeting Netflix, who shared the release date of Lucifer Season 5B while acknowledging its leak, Tom Ellis revealed that the announcement was on point, as today was the last day of shooting. The crew is working on season 6 right now, so we know with this tweet now that Lucifer’s filming is finished for good.

Lucifer has always been a popular series since its release in 2016. Left by FOX after producing three seasons, Lucifer was picked up by Netflix after a huge number of fans wanted to see the series continue. Netflix gave us two more seasons of Lucifer, and it was thought this was the end, just to see one more season for Lucifer to surprise the fans with. That season, which is the sixth season, has finished filming today and will be the last season of Lucifer.

A series that continued for a long time, Lucifer saw its crew establish some sound relationships both among themselves and with the series. Many actors and actresses of Lucifer have recently shared their thoughts and feelings about the show ending. For example, Tom Ellis and DB Woodside shared their emotions towards themselves after the last scene they shot, Woodside saying that he could “not stop crying”.

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    Sophie Harwood
    March 30, 2021 at 8:25 am

    What a great ride Lucifer has been. Many many thanks to the cast and crew for keeping us entertained for the last 6 years. It’s been a blast ????

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