When is the ‘Love Alarm’ season 2 release date?

When is the ‘Love Alarm’ season 2 release date?

Love Alarm season 2 is on its way to Netflix. After its first season debut in 2019, the South Korean series had loud and gathered a huge fan group. We watched a group of high schoolers whose lives are influenced by a social media app in a fascinated way. So, here is what is ahead of us for the upcoming season of Love Alarm including its release date, synopsis, cast, trailer, and more.

Based on the digital cartoon of the same name by Chon Kye-young, Love Alarm follows a group of high schoolers whose lives are influenced by a social media app that notifies users when someone within a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them. And after its success with the eight-episode first season, Love Alarm season 2 was announced on October 29th, 2019.

What is the synopsis of ‘Love Alarm’ season 2?

After seeing Kim Jo-jo’s a little bit tempestuous semi-love triangle, the series left us spoiling a new version of the Love Alarm app 2.0. And it would feature much more things according to the last few episodes. In the past season, we had watched two best friends falling in love with the same girl and their struggles. While Kim Jo-jo was seeing Lee Hye-Young as her friend and having no clue what he has been feeling about her, she fell in love with Hwang Sun-oh. And we all went through massive events together with them and saw them growing as they experience. For me, the most heartbreaking scene was Kim Jo-jo and Sun-oh’s bumping into after years. And Jo-jo’s alarm rang, but by whom?

So in the next season, we will probably be exploring the new version of the app all together with the series’ characters and how it will affect their lives next. There is not much on our hands to share except the spoiler of last season’s end. So here is also the main synopsis of the series down below. The rest of us are mostly left in our imagination, it seems for now.

“Love Alarm revolves around the story of a technology that enables users to discover love through an application that notifies whether someone within the vicinity of a 10-meter radius has romantic feelings for them.”

Love Alarm season 2 cast members

It seems that the main characters still remain among others. We don’t know yet if there are any new names in the cast though. So, here is the cast for next season of Love Alarm will include:

  • Kim So-Hyun as Kim Jo-jo
  • Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-Young
  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh
  • Go Min-si as Park Gul-mi, Jo-jo’s cousin
  • Lee Jae-eung as Cheon Duk-gu
  • Song Seon-mi as Jeong Mi-mi, a popular actress and Sun-oh’s mother.
  • Shim Yi-young as Baek Kyung-hee, Hye-young’s mother.
  • Kim Young-pil as Hwang Jae-chul
  • Park Sung-yeon as Jojo’s aunt and Gul-mi’s mother
  • Yoon Na-moo as Kim Min-jae
  • Shin Seung-ho as Jang Il-sik
  • Ji Hye-ra as Kim Jang-go, Jo-jo’s best friend
  • Kim Ye-ji as Sung Ji-yeon
  • Kim Young-ok as Jo-jo’s grandmother.
  • Choi Joo-won as Choi Joo-won
  • Yeom Ji-young as Jo-jo’s mother
  • Song Geon-hee as Marx
  • Kim Si-eun as Lee Yuk-jo
  • Jo Yoo-jung as Mon Sun

When will Love Alarm season 2 release?

Love Alarm season 2 will be available to stream on Netflix on March 12, 2021.

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So, after everything, the biggest question is what will happen to Kim Jo-jo and Sun-oh. And also what will feature Love Alarm 2 after all and how it will affect them this time. Here is the trailer of Love Alarm season 2 down below.

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