Locke and Key Season 2 ENDING EXPLAINED by the Creators With a Hint for Season 3

Locke and Key Season 2 ENDING EXPLAINED by the Creators With a Hint for Season 3

While the Locke & Key finale did put an end to Dodge the main villain of the show; it also gave birth to a more brutal, lethal, and pretty sick new big bad in the form of Gideon. The Netflix show is filled with magical elements; often giving the fans a hard time trying to figure out what is going on; But do not worry here is everything you will need to understand the Locke & Key season 2 ending.

A lot happened in the season finale of this Netflix Original; people died, came back to life, left their homes, and even met their long-lost beloveds. It was honestly a rollercoaster of emotions; with Hozier’s Shrike playing in the background as the scenes changed I was honestly holding back tears. The co-creators of the show Meredith Averill and Carlton Cusecame together to enlighten us with an explanation of the ending.

Eden and Gideon at the Locke & Key season 2 ending

Eden became a rather irritating, but fun to watch character during the course of season 2; so when she was thrown into the well in the Well House, fans (at least I) got worried about whether or not she’s alive. The question was finally answered; turns out that Eden is dead as Gideon dropped her on her neck. My heart!

Gideon on the other hand looks more scary and hateful than Dodge ever did throughout the first 2 seasons of the show. According to the showrunners, Gideon is much more dangerous than Dodge; as he is all brute force. While Dodge laid long-term plans and was okay with waiting; Gideon is no-nonsense and is going to go right after the Lockes (since he has a history with them).

Did Dodge really die?

It appears that Dodge died in that horrific fall off the cliff after Tyler used the Alpha Key on her, but the creators of the show don’t want us to be that sure about it. According to them, it is a show about magic so “never say never”.


Is Lucas Alive and was he present during the first seasons?

Yes, Lucas is alive now and the major reason for it is that the creators wanted to tell more stories about the keys; Lucas gives them an opportunity to explore these stories and also clear out some mythology. So yes, the handsome Lucas is here to stay!

As it was revealed in the finale, even when demons take hold of a human body the souls of the humans are always present; that confirms that Lucas was present throughout the show, even though he was not in control of his body.

What does Locke & Key season 2 ending mean for Bode and Tyler?

Tyler probably is the guy who went through a lot this season; he had to see Jackie forget all the beautiful memories they made while using those keys, he saw his love turn into a literal monster by Gabe, and finally, he saw her die in his own arms. Tyler decided to not use the memory key and is off on a journey; it will be really amazing to see how our boy grows on it.

Meanwhile, little Locke has promised his mom that he won’t let her forget about the magic. Bode is not the sweet energetic boy anymore, he is growing up and on his way to becoming a teenager; his actions will now impact the further plot of the show. With Tyler out of the key duties, Bode is the one we expect to take the charge along with Kins.

How did Elie survive the Black Door?

This is something that will only be answered in season 3, but we should right now just celebrate the fact that Rufus is finally reunited with his mom.

Do let us know how you liked season 2 of Locke & Key in the comments below.

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