A live-action DOTA production will reportedly come to Netflix

A live-action DOTA production will reportedly come to Netflix

Netflix seems to be planning a live-action DOTA project after seeing the success of its recent DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime.

After managing to reach a great number of viewers with DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime, Netflix seems willing to do more work based on Valve’s popular MOBA game DOTA. The anime focused on some characters from DOTA, and both the gamers and the casual viewers liked DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. As a result of that, Netflix is going to do more DOTA work, but it’s live-action this time.

All details about the live-action DOTA project of Netflix

There’s going to be a live-action DOTA production, but it’s unclear whether it will be a series or a movie. We’re used to Netflix generally producing kickass series, so it would be safe to assume the new live-action DOTA project will be a series instead of a movie. That’s still unclear though, as we mentioned before. There are no more details reported about this project, except for its story being centered around fighting the Demon Marauder Terrorblade, which is a character from the game. We do not know any of the actors or the crew members that are probably being considered.

Netflix is focusing on video games more and more, it seems. We have seen the popular streaming platform produce a great series about The Witcher, which is popular both as a novel and a game series. It got so popular that they even announced a spin-off for it, called The Witcher: Blood Origin. Trying to create one more production about video games, which is DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, Netflix pulled that gig off pretty clear as well. And now, it seems there is nothing that would stop them to do a new live-action fantasy work, and it being about DOTA is what hypes the gamers again.

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