Limited mystery series Echoes by 13 Reasons Why creator coming to Netflix

Limited mystery series Echoes by 13 Reasons Why creator coming to Netflix

13 Reasons Why creator Brian Yorkey is reportedly going to create a limited mystery series called for Netflix, titled Echoes.

All those Netflix Originals are not sufficient for the streaming giant. We’re going to have more. Netflix reportedly signed a deal with the popular series 13 Reasons Why’s creator Brian Yorkey to create one more limited series. Its name will be Echoes. The series will be a mystery-thriller about identical twins Leni and Gina. Everything in their lives is the same and they live a double life by swapping places. However, one of them goes missing and things go south. Here’s everything we know about Echoes so far.

What is the synopsis of Echoes?

Well, we don’t really know much about the series other than what we already said. Netflix does not have a synopsis for its new title yet.

Echoes will tell about two identical twins who have a little secret: They have been swapping their lives since their childhoods. They swap their homes, husbands, and children, living a perfect double life as adults. One day one of them goes missing and the order is broken, leaving us with an intriguing mystery to solve.

The limited series will only have seven episodes.

The crew is looking for an actor who will play Leni and Gina.

Who are in the cast and crew of Echoes?

Netflix is still recruiting actors for its new movie Echoes, so we don’t know anything about the cast right now. However, we know the team behind Echoes, headlight by Brian Yorkey.

Brian Yorkey is the co-showrunner and executive producer of Echoes. Quinton Peeples has the same roles as Brian Yorkey as well.

The creator and the writer of Echoes for Netflix is Vanessa Gazy, who is also the executive director.

What does the team think about Echoes?

Brian Yorkey talked about his feelings to start working on Echoes with the team. “I’m so excited to be embarking on Echoes with Quinton, Vanessa, Imogen, and the Netflix team — and I’m eagerly looking forward to what I hope will be many more years of making cool stuff with Netflix,” he said. “It’s a privilege and an unmatched thrill to make a television show that reaches around the world on the instant it launches — and an incredible opportunity not only to entertain and surprise but maybe even say something that matters about the way we live now.”

The writer Vanessa Gazy, on the other hand, had the following to say: “My journey with Echoes started with an Australian initiative led by executive producer Imogen Banks to nurture new female voices in television and now here we are at Netflix. I’m so excited to be bringing the show to a wide and international audience alongside the formidable showrunning duo that is Brian Yorkey and Quinton Peeples.”

Matt Thunell, who’s Netflix’s VP of original series, praised the talent of Yorkey: “Brian Yorkey is a gifted storyteller who knows how to weave a mystery that’s emotional, propulsive and rooted in relatable characters and modern life. We’re excited about the mysteries and the human truths that lie at the heart of Echoes, and to work with Brian even more in the coming years.”

What is the release date of Echoes?

The series is still in its pre-production stage, so we cannot expect an early release date. 2023 seems like a feasible release window right now, but we’ll see what happens.

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