‘Life Imitates Art’ – Much Like the Series, Filming Set of Lupin Gets Robbed in Daylight

‘Life Imitates Art’ – Much Like the Series, Filming Set of Lupin Gets Robbed in Daylight

The most influential Greek philosopher of all time, Plato, gave a theory called Mimesis. According to the theory, all art is an imitation of life, good and bad. However, what happens when life chooses to imitate art. Well, apparently, the answer is hilarious. That is what happened on the sets of Lupin, where a few people decided to give the doctor a taste of his own medicine if you will.

Lupin-the robber gets robbed

Lupin is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. And the first French show to top Netflix charts. However, it looks like stealing from The Master himself was relatively easy.

If you do not know what happened, well, it looks like a robbery occurred but at the robbers’ house.

Last month while filming was going on for the much-awaited Lupin season three. Around 20 thieves robbed almost €300,000 (£250,000; $330,000) worth of equipment in broad daylight by launching fireworks to distract the crew.

The irony is hilarious

Even though the act is extremely condemnable and nothing to be taken seriously. But one can’t help but enjoy a good laugh at the irony of the incident.

The thing to laugh at the most is the way the robbery happened is somewhat similar to how Arsène Lupin (on whom the show is based) operated.

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Arsène Lupin was known for his charm and pulling of extremely accurate disguises to steal invaluable objects. Now, these 20 robbers were in no way charming, but they did pull off a hell of a disguise and distraction.

Wouldnt it be funny if the robbers had watched an episode of Lupin before going to steal the equipment?

Not the only robbery either

Another amazing about this incident is that just a day before this incident took place. Another robbery happened just a few miles away in South Yorkshire in the UK.

In the UK some robbers stole almost 200 antique props from the set of The Crown. The amount stolen is estimated to be a staggering £150,000. Among the stolen props was a replica of a Fabergé egg.

What do you feel about these incidents? Should the sets be more secure so that these incidents do not happen in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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