Lando and Riccardo Had a ‘Drive To Survive’ Season 5 Worthy Moment in the British Grand Prix

Lando and Riccardo Had a ‘Drive To Survive’ Season 5 Worthy Moment in the British Grand Prix

Since its debut in 2019, Formula 1: Drive to Survive has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows, with season four reaching number one in 33 regions this year. As soon as the fourth season concluded, people wanted more. In fact, there is now a show more anticipated by audiences than Drive To Survive.

As the Formula 1 season is going on, people are trying to predict what highlights from this season will make their way to the fifth season. And it looks like there is one moment that all fans are sure will be in Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 5.

Want to find out which moment we are talking about. Then read along.

Which moment do Fans desperately want to see in Formula 1: Drive to Survive 5?

The 2022 season of Formula 1 started less than three months ago. And a lot of thrilling moments have already taken place that is bound to appear in Netflix’s hit F1 series Drive to Survive.

But there is one particular moment that happened during the British Grand Prix, and no, it is not the unfortunate crash of Zhou Guanyu that fans are sure will be in Drive to Survive 5.

The moment we are talking about is when before the race, teammates Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo got into an unconventional race, and Ricciardo smacked Norris.

The two were having a hilarious race on space hoppers when Daniel hit Lando with his space hopper at the last moment before the two McLaren teammates burst into laughter.

The hysterical race has become a huge meme on the internet, with people joking how it will surely make an appearance on Drive to Survive.

Thousands of tweets have poured in regarding the light-hearted moment between the two teammates. Some of the tweets are.

It is safe to say that Norris appears to be in good health. As Formula One endured a rainy qualifying session, he finished P6 to start his home Grand Prix on Sunday.

No one knows for sure what moments we will get to see in the new season of Drive to Survive. But it is sure that the new season will be as thrilling if not more than the previous one.

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