Katla teaser trailer dropped for Netflix’s Nordic mystery-drama series

Katla teaser trailer dropped for Netflix’s Nordic mystery-drama series

Netflix teased its new Nordic sci-fi mystery drama series Katla with a short video, in that video they also announced the release date.

The new Netflix original series Katla is about the violent eruption of a subglacial volcano, which leads to unforeseeable results. As a result of the eruption, the peace and tranquility in the small town of Vik are deeply disturbed. The twist is that many objects and elements from prehistoric times buried down deep in the glacier emerge following the eruption, which causes some unpleasant consequences that no one ever could guess.

The series is from Iceland, which is a big plus for the fans. Despite having a small population, Iceland gives us some quality TV shows and series. Besides, the directors and writers of Katla have impressive filmography. They have experience creating shows like Katla. Sigurjón Kjartansson, for example, earlier worked as a scriptwriter for Trapped, which is an award-winning mystery drama.

What is the synopsis of Katla?

As we mentioned earlier, Katla tells of the story of a small town named Vik, whose inner peace and tranquility a volcano disrupts. What’s worse is that this volcano brings up some prehistoric artifacts, which bring about unforeseeable consequences. The evacuating residents of this small town try to figure out what happens and stay alive. “The catastrophic eruption of the subglacial volcano Katla turns a nearby community’s world upside down as mysteries begin to emerge from the ice,” Netflix says about its new Icelandic mystery drama. Here’s a longer description of the series:

“One year after the violent eruption of the subglacial volcano Katla, the peace and tranquility in the small town of Vik have been dramatically disturbed. As people evacuate the area, mysterious elements, that have been deeply frozen into the glacier from prehistoric times, start to emerge from the melting ice and causes consequences no one could ever foresee.”

Katla: Official Teaser Dropped for Netflix's Nordic Mystery Drama

Who are in the cast and crew of Katla?

We have experienced writers, creators, and directors in the crew of Katla.

Sigurjón Kjartansson is one of the creators of Katla. He earlier wrote award-winning Trapped, and many other Icelandic movies and series.

Baltasar Kormákur is another creator. His filmography includes Trapped, Two Guns, and many more series and movies. He has plenty of experience working with Kjartansson.

Here are some of the actors playing in Katla. Many of them are familiar with the crew and each other, having worked on common projects. Ingvar Sigurdsson, for example, portrays Anatoli Boukraev in Everest, which is another work from the creator Baltasar Kormakur.

  • Íris Tanja Flygenrin as Ása
  • Ingvar Sigurdsson as Þór
  • Aliette Opheim as Hunhild
  • Þorsteinn Bachmann as Gisli
  • Sólveig Arnarsdóttir as Magnea
  • Birgitta Birgisdóttir as Rakel
  • Helga Braga Jonsdottir as Vigdis

What is the release date of Katla?

Netflix will release its new Icelandic science-fiction mystery drama Katla on June 17th. Even though we’ve just seen the teaser for it, Netflix won’t keep us waiting for too long. You can check out the teaser video below to get a sense of the series while waiting for it.

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