Kate Middleton Did a Camilla Parker from Princess Diana’s Wedding to Shade Meghan Markle in Her Wedding

Kate Middleton Did a Camilla Parker from Princess Diana’s Wedding to Shade Meghan Markle in Her Wedding

Did Kate Middleton repeat what Camilla did by wearing white at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding? It is no secret that the two Duchess’ do not get along. While both of them came from normal families into the Royalty, Markle struggled till the end to mix up with the Royals and their followers. The result of which was the Megxit. The reasons were not just the media but also personal issues with the family members.

It started right from the wedding preparations. As Markle claimed in the Oprah interview, Middleton made her cry by arguing about the flower girl dress of Princess Charlotte. The world has split into two since the interview, with people taking sides with either of them. Now a new Twitter post has added fuel to the fire about Middleton ‘wearing white’ at Markle’s wedding.

Fans compare Kate Middleton to Camilla over her dress at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding

Meghan Markle fans are accusing Kate Middleton of wearing white at the wedding. It is no doubt that wearing white as a guest at someone else wedding is frowned upon. But a Twitter user posted a photo of Camilla Parker from King Charles’ wedding to his late wife, Princess Diana. It was captioned saying how Kate Middleton could not control Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding and therefore wore a white dress. Some fans are now comparing her to the current Queen Consort.

One fan claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge took notes from Parker. Another fan suggested that Camilla Parker wore white at King Charles’ wedding because they had a liking for each, and later got married. As for Middleton, she is the wife of Prince Harry’s elder brother.

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While other fans proved with photos that, unlike Parker, Middleton did not actually wear white, the Duchess actually wore a pale yellow dress with a matching floral hat as she was all smiles. Adding to it, another fan cleared how it was Markle’s idea to keep a pastel theme for the attire. This is just one of the many issues between the two, coming out in public because of Prince Harry’s Spare.

Do you actually think Kate Middleton wore the dress to shade Meghan Markle at her wedding? Comment your thoughts.


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