All K-Dramas to release on Netflix in March 2021

All K-Dramas to release on Netflix in March 2021

The popular streaming service has sure got some good and new K-Dramas, or their next episodes to be released on Netflix in March 2021.

Netflix has got a good lineup of Korean dramas this month. While there are some Netflix originals and newcomers, the next seasons of already-existing productions are coming to Netflix in March 2021. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the K-Dramas to be released on Netflix in March 2021.

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

Directed by Beom-Sik Jeong, this horror film stars Wi Ha Joon, Park Sung Hoon, Oh Ah Yun, Park Ji Hyun, and Moon Ye Won. It’s about a haunted hospital and runs for 95 minutes. You can watch its trailer below. The movie will be released on Netflix on March 20.

Sisyphus: The Myth

In this Netflix original series, the story of a genius engineer, Han Tae Sul, is told. A science-fiction action show, Sisyphus: The Myth stars Jo Seung Woo, Park Shin Hye, Sung Dong Il, and Tae In Ho, Chae Jong Hyeop. The finale of this series will be released on April 8.


Vincenzo is a Netflix original crime-related rom-com series with 16 episodes. It’s about the story of Park Ju Hyeong, who gets adopted by an Italian family when he is 8 years old and sent to Italy to be raised. Starring Song Joong Ki, Ok Taec Yeon, Kim Yeo Jin, Jun Yeo Bin, and Jo Han Chul, Vincenzo’s finale for this season will air on April 25.

Love Alarm Season 2

The romantic comedy starring Kim So Hyun, Song Kang, Jung Ga Ram, Go Min Si, Shim Yi Young will release its second season on March 12. It debuted back in summer 2019, now Love Alarm will be back with a new season including 16 episodes. It was supposed to be released in the last year, but the second season of Love Alarm was delayed. You can watch its trailer below.


Navillera, Netflix’s original drama series, will premiere on March 22 with its first season including 12 episodes. Lead role is the popular Korean actor Song Kang on this, filling the set alongside Park In Hwan, Choi Hae Nam, Shim Eun Ho, and Ki Seung Joo. You can watch the trailer for Navillera below.

Marriage Lyrics for Divorce Music

The Netflix original romantic drama is going to release its finale for this season on March 14. Starring Sung Hoon, Lee Tae Gon, Park Joo Mi, and Lee Ga Ryeong, Marriage Lyrics for Divorce music was released back this January.

Those were some anticipated K-Dramas to be released on Netflix in March 2021. What do you think you’d watch?

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