Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Release Date, Synopsis and Cast

Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 Release Date, Synopsis and Cast

Jupiter’s Legacy will be released as Netflix‘s first Millarworld comic book adaptation. We have prepared all the known things about the series that will be published in 2021 for you.

We all love comic-based TV series. Productions such as Daredevil, Punisher, Titans, and Iron Fist became very popular and loved. Now Netflix is coming with a new project. Jupiter’s Legacy is an original Netflix superhero series based on Mark Millar’s comic of the same name. Jupiter’s Legacy, one of Millarworld’s most popular comics, will be the first Millarworld comic book adaptation to be released on Netflix. Another exciting topic about the series is that its director will be Steven S. DeKnight, former Daredevil producer, director, and writer.

What is the synopsis of Jupiter’s Legacy?

Netflix will combine Jupiter’s Legacy comic 1-2 and Jupiter’s Cycle 1-2 comics.

Jupiter’s Legacy tells the current lives of the “first superheroes” who gained their power in the 1930s. Superheroes, who are quite old today, are still highly respected and called old guards. Meanwhile, children of legendary heroes struggle to achieve their parents’ legacy and legendary achievements.

Who is the cast of Jupiter’s Legacy?

Josh Duhamel / The Utopian

The legendary leader of the superhero team, The Union. He had a very glorious and long career in his superhero years, but nowadays he struggles to adapt to modern life and the needs of his family.

Sheldon Sampson as the Utopia
Credit: Netflix, Image Comics

Ben Daniels / Brainwave

Sheldon ‘The Union’ is Sampson’s older brother. Walter is more evil and daring than the two brothers. Intellectually superior and with great cunning, Walter is not afraid of getting his hands dirty and bloodshot.


Ben Daniels as Brainwave
Credit: Netflix, Image Comics

Leslie Bibb as Lady Liberty

Leslie Bibb is playing Grace Sampson, the extremely powerful hero Lady Liberty, and is the wife of Sheldon. Grace is all that Sheldon needs when dealing with today’s modern and violent world.

Leslie Bibb as Lady Liberty
Credit: Netflix, Image Comics

Besides these casts:

  • Elena Kampouris
  • Andrew Horton
  • Mike Wade
  • Matt Lanter
  • Tenika Davis
  • Tyler Mane

What is the release date of “Jupiter’s Legacy” on Netflix?

Netflix has not yet announced an exact release date. Mark Millar’s statement is that the series will come on a date of 2021.

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