Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reminisces About the “humiliating” Time When a Therapist Fell Asleep on Her Twice, in a Conversation With David Letterman

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reminisces About the “humiliating” Time When a Therapist Fell Asleep on Her Twice, in a Conversation With David Letterman

If there is a single word that sums up the amazing new season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, it would be personal. Every celebrity, right from Billie Eilish to Ryan Ryenolds, was extremely authentic, genuine, and raw about their lives and shared every little detail about it. And to end such a great season full of personal experience, David talked to Senfield alumni Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Right from the beginning of the episode, Julia expresses what her childhood was like and how she felt being from two different families.

Just moments into the episode, you learn so much about the incredibly funny Julia like you have never before. And she even shared a few embarrassing moments from her life too.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus tells David the most embarrassing story

There probably hasn’t been anyone with a career that comes close to the great Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And as soon as the last episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction begins, that’s precisely what David mentions to Julia.

David Letterman said that after knowing the Seinfeld alumnus for many years, he is still to come across an individual who has lived the way Julia has. Then he goes on to inform the viewers how two different families literally brought up Julia.

So naturally, when you belong to two families, you feel the responsibility of being a connection between the two. And that’s exactly what Julia told David.

The SNL star mentioned how she used to visit her father and stepmother once every month. And that it was completely normal for her to travel alone from a very young age.

Adding to that, David asked whether all the traveling and meeting different families take a toll on a child. Julia answered that with a hilarious story about her experience with a therapist.

She said, “I had a therapist not once but twice fall asleep on me. And that’s humiliating.”

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Unlike her therapist, the whole world has been attentively watching Julia in whatever she has done. And her body of work has some of the most iconic shows of the 90s. Her filmography includes Veep and  The New Adventures of Old Christine among many others.

What is your favorite movie or TV show from Julia Louis-Dreyfus?

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