Jim Hopper posts a BTS photo from Stranger Things Season 3

Jim Hopper posts a BTS photo from Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things cast member David Harbour who also playing Jim Hopper, posts a behind-the-scenes photo from the popular Netflix original series. This photo refreshing the series fans memory of the third season.

We do not have any recent updates on the next season of Stranger Things, except for a new teaser dropped three weeks ago. That teaser indicated a possible new character, Yuri, for the fans, and gave them a number to call.

David Harbour, playing Jim Hopper, posts a BTS photo from Stranger Things season 3

Despite not having new information, the series’ Jim Hopper shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the third season of the series. It’s from the seventh episode titled “Chapter Seven: The Bite”. He posted the photo with a short description: Rawr.


We see the stuntman of David Harbour alongside him in the photo from the Fun Fair hosted by Mayor Kline, working with the Russians covertly.

Nobody knows, evidently except for the crew, whether this photo includes a clue for the next season of the show, or the star just wanted to post a photo from the old days. It’s probably the latter though, rather disappointingly for us waiting desperately for a clue from Stranger Things season 4.

What’s new from Stranger Things season 4?

As we said, even though there are not crucial updates for Stranger Things season 4, we learned a few facts about the crew and the series itself. Stranger Things’ Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown’s new deal with Netflix revealed that there is going to be a Stranger Things spin-off starring Brown, probably named Eleven. And just today, we saw Brown and Schnapp, playing respectively Eleven and Mike, on TikTok with a post revealing that they are back together. Considering that the filming has already started for Stranger Things season four, we can infer that popular co-stars of the show may be together in the filming.

When is the ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 release date?

We do not know anything about Stranger Things season 4 release date, except for its being possibly in 2022. There may be a slight chance the crew can get it ready for the holiday season, but there are not any leads on that. We’ll wait and see.

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