Jenny Yokobori Of Blue Period On Netflix Shares An Interesting Tweet For Anime Lovers

Jenny Yokobori Of Blue Period On Netflix Shares An Interesting Tweet For Anime Lovers

The anime universe will far exceed your expectations every single time. Young or old, anime is not something limited to certain strata of viewers. It’s for each and all of them! From romance to horror and thrillers anime world is a whole different story. And if you haven’t already fallen in love with the motion pictures of mangas; Netflix has a complete set of jaw-dropping animes waiting just for you. Among them, Yatora’s journey to enter the highly competitive Tokyo University of the Arts in Blue Period on Netflix is truly heart-warming.

Moreover, Blue Period has fascinatingly attracted many first-time anime viewers, including our parents. Well, what’s so interesting about this anime?

What is the premise of Blue Period on Netflix?

Based on the 2020 Manga Taisho Grand Prize winner Manga of the same name, Blue Period tells the tale of studious Yatora Yaguchi. He is a second-year delinquent high-school student with marvelous grades. However, unmotivated to find his true passion; Yatora spends his leisure time hanging out with his friends.

But none of this excites him. Yatora finally finds his passion in paintbrush and canvas. Struggling through peer pressure, and more, he is now on a journey to secure one of the five prestigious spots to get into the art school.

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Notably, Johnny Yong Bosch voices Yaguchi’s character. Further, there are many recurring characters in this anime who will not let you keep your eyes off. Among them, there are two characters: Umino, the short-haired artist, and Atsuko Takahashi, a spectacled girl ardent of arts. What’s interesting about them is, Jenny Yokobori voices both of them. But what’s more interesting is a tweet she recently shared.

Jenny Yokobori’s mother is an Anime fan as well!

It’s always wholesome to watch your parents enjoying your work. Notably, well known for her work in The Simpsons, Jenny Yokobari shared an interesting tweet. In the post, she convinces her gratitude to the producers and streaming service for providing her the opportunity. But what caught our attention is her mother’s newly found interest in the Anime world. She is finally successful in converting her mother into an admirer of Japanese culture.

The good news is, she further updated her tweet saying, her mother has already started watching another anime! Seems like senior Yokobori has finally found her passion in the anime world.

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