Jeen-Yuhs: Check Reviews, Fan Reactions and Details of the Other Two Parts of the Kanye West Documentary on Netflix

Jeen-Yuhs: Check Reviews, Fan Reactions and Details of the Other Two Parts of the Kanye West Documentary on Netflix

With a 98% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the Kanye documentary Jeen-Yuhs on Netflix is made for the fans and for the ones who want to understand tabloids’ favorite problematic artist, Kanye. The first part of the documentary titled Act 1: Vision has a runtime of 87 minutes. It mostly follows a Kanye who relocates from Chicago to New York to become a rapper-producer. The first part also includes some endearing moments involving his mom, Donda West. 

Jeen-Yuhs reveals the stark difference between the old and the new Kanye. However, Kanye’s self-involvement remained constant over the years. Therefore, it is no surprise that many are tempted to stream the documentary, while others are wondering if it is worth their time. So, here we are, looking at critic reviews and fan reactions to Jeen-Yuhs.

What do you critics have to say?

Complex considers the 4.5 hours documentary a “Kanye West’s story- A story of duality“. The Netflix documentary was first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival before its release on the streamer. Shot and directed by Clarence Coodie Simmons, according to the Financial Times, it  shows the gifted musician behind the obnoxious exterior.”

However, It’s too unwieldy and undisciplined for its most effective moments to last, reads IGN’s review. Coodie first met Kanye in 1998 when he interviewed him for a public access TV Show. Recognizing the potential in him, he decided to document the young man’s journey.

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Fans reaction to the Kanye documentary on Netflix

Fans loved the raw nature of the documentary and found it relatable. Take a look at the Twitter verdict:


What can you expect from the last two parts of Jeen-Yuhs? 

In Act 2: Purpose, we will see Kanye getting his big break. Rock-a-Fella finally offers him a contract, and he gets featured on a Jay Z song for The Blueprint. He releases his College Dropout, which goes platinum and catapults him to fame. Meanwhile, he is also met with an accident and is required to undergo jaw restructure surgery. His next single “Through the fire” is also positively received by the public. But as his fame increases, he starts leaving behind his closest people. 

Kanye’s mental health deteriorates, he becomes erratic after losing his mother in 2007. A broken Kanye asked Coodie to stop filming. For the subsequent 6 years, Coodie didn’t film anything. Act 3: Awakening documents the decline of the star, his frequent meltdowns, his presidential campaign, the infamous incident with Taylor Swift, and his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

Have you streamed Jeen-Yuhs yet? What were your thoughts on the documentary? Let us know in the comments below.

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