Jaw-Dropping Moments From Sweet Magnolias Season 2 That Had Actress Broke Elliott floored

Jaw-Dropping Moments From Sweet Magnolias Season 2 That Had Actress Broke Elliott floored

The most heartwarming show, Sweet Magnolias, on Netflix has no shortage of shocking cliffhangers. Although falling under Comfort TV, Sweet Magnolias has plenty of drama to keep fans interested to keep coming back for more. The latest season that dropped on Netflix in early February had fans and actress Brooke Elliott, gasping in shock as new secrets come to light. Here are the top 3 cliffhangers:

The paternity drama 

One of the key plots this season has been the paternity mystery. Isaac grew more curious about his biological parents and wanted to find them. Isaac along with the help of Helen (Heather Headley) solved the clues in the Bible, that was the only that his mother left him. The clues led him to his biological mother, Peggy. When Isaac confronts Peggy, she has no choice but to reveal that Bill was his father. The two of them had hooked during their junior high of high school. That one day changed Peggy’s life who discovered she was pregnant. Both, Peggy and Bill’s mother thought it was wise to give up the kid and leave Bill in the dark about his eldest son. 

Maddie doesn’t take the news well, initially but eventually forgives her ex-husband. 

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Helen suffers a miscarriage

After Ryan and Helen parted ways, Helen discovered that she was pregnant with Ryan’s baby. She had intended to keep it a secret from Ryan but had a miscarriage. Erik helped her cope through the tough time and they got together only for Ryan to come back. The couple had broken up because Ryan didn’t want kids, but Ryan had changed his mind about that. He wanted to marry Helen and start a family with her. This has alarmed Helen and Erik’s shippers. 

Cal had been to rehab in the past

The charming baseball coach and Maddie’s boyfriend is revealed to have been to rehab for his anger issues. He had been charged with assault and battery before. The season concluded with Cal being arrested for getting physical with a fan. 

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