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Jason Bateman Says, “You’re Not Supposed to Watch That” When John Mulaney Revealed He Learned to Swaddle His Son From Bateman’s Tutorial in Ozark

Ozark has a fantastic set of characters that portray the range of human nature in the best of ways. And over the course of four seasons, there is seldom anything that the series did not show. From shooting people in their heads to ripping out people’s toenails, Ozark had it all. However, when John Mulaney says he learned parenting from Ozark and thanks Jason Bateman for it.

But one does wonder wherein all of the illegal and explicit actions of Marty Byrde teach us parenting 101? So let us take a look at the scene in which John learned the parenting skills from the Byrde’s.

Jason Bateman taught John Mulaney parenting skills in Ozark

Mulaney and girlfriend Oliva Munn had their first child in November 2021, and he’s recently talked about the pleasures of parenting. Mulaney was asked about his fathering abilities by Smartless presenter Jason Bateman.

He added, “I am a good swaddler,” adding that he learned it from an episode of Ozark where Marty gave a sort of a tutorial. “John…” said Bateman. “You’re not supposed to watch that.”

But wherein all of the money laundering and deaths did Marty teach baby handling skills.

Well, if you remember the traumatic season one finale of the Ozark ‘The Toll.’ You will remember the storyline where Pastor Mason Young is now a single father taking care of a young newborn.

So in the scene, Mason is trying to wrap a cloth around his son but is unable to. However, Marty appears in the scene, saying he saw Mason’s car and wanted to check on him. Seeing Mason struggling with swaddling his son Marty helps him by showing him the most efficient way to swaddle a baby.

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Marty teaches Mason to fold the cloth into a triangle and then place the child in the middle. From there, just tuck the baby like a burrito.

However, this scene is succeeded by Mason baptizing his son for too long and scaring the audience. That is probably why Jason Bateman asked Mulaney not to watch it.

Have you seen the controversial baptizing scene from Ozark? Let us know if you think that it is the most horrifying scene from the series. Feel free to share your answer with us in the comments.

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