Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About ‘The Movies That Made Him’

Jake Gyllenhaal Talks About ‘The Movies That Made Him’

When you have a family that has cinema running through their veins, you are bound to become an icon. Jake Gyllenhaal is one such actor, who will always leave you in awe of his talent. Born to director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner; this man has taken the world by a storm with his amazing acting skills and unforgettable characters.

Jake plays the role of a Joe Baylor in Netflix‘s The Guilty; A suspense thriller that was shot just within 11 days, that too at a single location! Gyllenhaal has been absolutely fantastic in the movie (which is no surprise), but we all must have had one question -What are the movies that created this man, Jake Gyllenhaal? Well, Netflix finally has an answer for you.

What Gyllenhaal had to say about his childhood movies

Netflix has taken the form of every fan in the world and has finally asked Jake about the movies that made him. In a rather goofy and cute way, Gyllenhaal remembered his childhood; when his parents used to record movies for him off of the Disney channel on left-over VHS tapes.

When asked about which is the first movie that he watched, Gyllenhaal pulled out some amazing movies, including Dumbo and Gigi. Reminiscing about a rather memorable incident, he talks about the time when he had chickenpox and his mother took him to the theater to watch David Lynch’s Dune. He also revealed that it was one of the first movies that he watched in a theatre.

Jake Gyllenhaal and his favorite growing up

Talking about some of his favorite movies when he was growing up; Jake mentioned that he watched the original Point Break starring Keanu Reeves and the great Patrick Swayze a lot of times. He added that there were plenty of movies that he liked growing up. However, he decided to just name one in the chat.


A movie that Jake will never get tired of

We all have that one movie that we can watch repeatedly, and so does Jake Gyllenhaal. Jerry Maguire is the one movie that he can’t get enough of. The way Jake talks about this movie is how many of his fans will talk about his movies, with the dedication and love of a fan. See for yourself.

Movies that make Jake Gyllenhaal laugh and cry

Everyone loves when a movie makes them laugh. For Jake, those movies are literally anything that has Steve Martin or Martin Short; The Three Amigos, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and even moments from Father of the Bride. Well, who knew the powerful Jake Gyllenhaal would be such a soft-heart.

Jake said that anything he watches on an airplane makes him cry. Well, this is funny but at the same time a bit cute, don’t you think so?

A character that stuck with Jake

When asked to name a character he played that has stuck with him the longest, Jake remembered one of the first movies he acted in called Donnie Darko. Remembering the responses he received, and still receives even 20 years after the movie’s release; Jake reckons the movie with great admiration.

We’d suggest you go get yourself a bit of Jake Gyllenhaal and stream The Guilty on Netflix.

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