“It’s You in a Chair Going I Suck!” Taylor Tomlinson Talks About Mental Health, Grief, and Dating in Her Netflix Special Look at You

“It’s You in a Chair Going I Suck!” Taylor Tomlinson Talks About Mental Health, Grief, and Dating in Her Netflix Special Look at You

After the first stand-up comedy special Quarter Life Crisis was a hit with the crowd, Taylor Tomlinson is back with another special Look At You. It seems like it “all worked out well” for Taylor! The comedy special is to hit Netflix on March 8. The special will be available for audiences worldwide. 

In the new Netflix trailer, we see Taylor being her witty self making funny observations and making the crowd laugh with her and at her. She brings in the same energy as her first special Quarter Life Crisis. The special promises plenty of laughter as she goes on and on about her struggle with depression. In her mid-20s, the comedian has tasted fame and depression. She has expertly spun her pain into an insightful story that will have the crowd think again about their mental health. 

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Taylor Tomlinson: Depression brings you down to your knees

Depression has a negative connotation, even in the 21st century. While cracking jokes after the other, Taylor encourages the crowd to seek therapy if they are in pain. Depression tends to tear down our self-esteem and we start feeling like losers. Avoiding therapy is a way to avoid getting judged by someone sitting in the chair opposite us. But as Taylor points out it’s not the therapist that says “you suck”; it’s you, who knows and is too harsh on yourself. She urged the crowd to laugh at her dwindling sex drive and increasing self-esteem joke, sarcastically commenting, “Congrats on your serotonin” for those who didn’t chuckle.

Taylor was hesitant to take antidepressants after her friends told her about not feeling good on medication. After she went for those pills, she now claims to feel her “best”. She hilariously describes the effect the pills have on her. It stops her from panicking and ruining situations. The crowd roars with laughter when Taylor at one point comments that she would be married by now if not for her screwed-up brain! 

She filmed the show last December at the Wilbur Theater in Boston and it is directed by Kristian Mercado. Taylor herself will executive produce the show along with Judi Marmel, and John Bravaki. 

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