“It’s my love for my son… I’ll die for him any day”: Noomi Rapace on How Her Motherhood Relates With Netflix’s Black Crab

“It’s my love for my son… I’ll die for him any day”: Noomi Rapace on How Her Motherhood Relates With Netflix’s Black Crab

Noomi Rapace has always played a strong character, who is not at all vulnerable. For the last three decades, she has played a strong lead cast in many films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus, and What Happened to Monday. Now she is a part of yet another movie titled Black Crab.

The 42-year-old actress, Noomi Rapace, plays the lead character. Noomi, as Caroline Ed, is fearless, and not fragile at all. Caroline is a speed skater soldier in the post-apocalyptic action thriller. The film develops around six fearless soldiers, who cover the frozen archipelago by skating and risking their lives to enemies. They have to transport a mysterious package to end the war. Caroline’s survival depends on her daughter’s life on the line. She has to push to her ultimate limit in order to protect her daughter. No one can match a mother’s love.

Noomi Rapace has a son whereas in the movie she has a daughter. So, she gracefully resonates with the power of motherhood because she wasn’t afraid to immerse herself into the role. As she has a strong bond with her son, Rapace is immersed in the role of Caroline and her emotions.

Noomi Rapace claims, “It’s my love for my son… I’ll die for him any day. I’d go to jail for him. I’ll do anything for him.” 

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Noomi Rapace explains why she chose a film like Black Crab

In a conversation with Netflix Tudum, Rapace explains her experience working in the film, the strong primal instincts of motherhood, and the freedom of allowing oneself to be vulnerable. She started with how, for many years; the industry differentiated between the roles of male and female characters. The male character has to be strong and the female character has to be always likable. As Rapace claims, “I’m like ‘f**k likable.”

Her love for action-drama film made her comeback to Swedish film. The film has a powerful language, where the stories of common people are highlighted. Originally, the novel which inspired the film centered on a male character. She explains, “I don’t want to play the female lead, but what about the male lead? I like that character more.”

Rapace also explains the title and why the film titled “Black Crab.” She says that we are full of ourselves in this world. But, one needs to reset their beliefs, and the entire system, need to sacrifice something for the bigger cost.

Noomi Rapace expresses her feeling about motherhood and why she leans towards this character. Keeping your kid protected is something that comes from the core of your heart. Motherhood is an “endless ocean of different motherhoods and different relationships that you can explore. It’s so primal and real.”

So, if you still haven’t watched Black Crab, watch this action-packed film only on Netflix.

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