“It was really emotional, but everyone was there”: Ozark Star Julia Garner Reminisces the Final Shoot Days

“It was really emotional, but everyone was there”: Ozark Star Julia Garner Reminisces the Final Shoot Days

The chapter on the Byrdes family finally came to an end with the final episodes of Ozark. The ending caused mixed reactions, but nevertheless, Julia Garner was very emotional shooting her final scenes for the Netflix series. 

The Jason Bateman series debuted on the platform in 2017. The long-running series about a family involved in money laundering business for a drug cartel has picked up several Emmys in the past few years.

Julia Garner talks about the final shoot days of Ozark

The actress had gotten so attached to her character, Ruth that it was hard for her to let her go. But she knew her end was coming. The actress admittedly meditated to get into Ruth’s mind and asked her questions. According to her, Ruth was a walking talking living shell. 

Not to sound really dark, but she already died when Wyatt died. Good things were happening to her [in the final episodes], but it still wasn’t filling that void. If she got hit by a car, she wouldn’t care.”

On the final day of the shoot, the actress felt really “emotional”.

It meant a lot to me that Jason was directing it because he started the show and he ended it. Chris was there. Laura was there all night for love and support, even though she wasn’t [in the scene]. It was a hard day, but a beautiful day,” Julia Garner said. 

In her last few scenes, Ruth displays a sense of fear when Camilia points the gun at her, but very quickly she accepts her fate. Jason explained, “Obviously we don’t have the dialogue that says all of that. But hopefully, you can see that in her performance—just a taste to motivate the audience to find acceptance like the character did.” 

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Jonah comes around to the family’s criminality

Apart from Ruth’s death, Jonah murdering private investigator Mel was another shocker. According to Chris, it signifies that the Byrdes have come together as a family through this one act of violence. Even the children have embraced criminality. 

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