“”It was bizarre”: Sadie Sink Reveals Why Shooting ‘Dear Billy’ For Stranger Things Season 4 Was Hectic For The Team

“”It was bizarre”: Sadie Sink Reveals Why Shooting ‘Dear Billy’ For Stranger Things Season 4 Was Hectic For The Team

Even though Sadie Sink entered the show after two seasons her popularity meant no bounds as viewers instantly fell for her. Young Max shifting from her hometown to Hawkins feels alienated in the beginning or doesn’t even wish to settle. However, she becomes an important part of the gang with time and Lucas’s first girlfriend. She becomes victim to Vecna’s psychological game as for the guilt Max has in her heart that she couldn’t save her stepbrother Billy. Sadie Sink aka Max uncovered behind-the-scene issues they faced while shooting ‘Dear Billy’ in her recent conversation with Vanity Fair. 

Sadie Sink opens up about the horrific scene she shot in Stranger Things Season 4 

Filming all those encounters with Vecna was a thrilling experience for Sadie Sink when she got appreciated for episode 4. Her chances of survival were depleting second by second while she was in the trance stuck at Upside Down. In her interview with Vanity Fair, Sadie said she got the script for episodes 3 and 4 in 2020. She got to know about the whole plot and Max’s fragile condition then suddenly it all stopped. They shot some of the scenes before the pandemic and then didn’t get to continue that chain for more than a year. 

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“So, it was bizarre, starting and then stopping it, and then revisiting it so much later,” Sadie remarked. 

According to her, the gap somehow unlinked things as they have abruptly closed everything. And then begin it again from the same point. While nobody from the team was ready to get out again after such a long time and go back to the production.

Sadie shined out and performed incredibly in Stranger Things season 4 

Sadie bloomed from a side character to the main streamline! Facing danger, mental trauma, and almost standing on the verge of death. And we can say that the lockdown helped her to dive into the character. Because we saw how raw and authentic her acting was in season 4.

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She utilized that time to make herself ready for all the terror and agony Max had to feel during the Vecna phase. Therefore, it is not surprising that her zeal for acting at such a young age has brought her fame. She will be next seen in Darren Aronofsky’s movie The Whale. What do you think about the actor?

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