Is there going to be a season 6 for Money Heist?

Is there going to be a season 6 for Money Heist?

Money Heist Season 5 is underway with two different parts, but is season 6 happening for Netflix‘s popular heist drama?

Money Heist is a Spanish-language Netflix Original heist drama that premiered on Netflix with the first season back in 2017. Its story is about a group of former criminals brought together by a mastermind who’s called “Professor.” That group tries to rob the Spanish Royal Mint in the first season of the series, with the leadership of the Professor. After the first set of installments, things get much more intense. The group gets itself into a highly complicated situation against the Spanish government, and even the FBI, as a result of their actions. The public, on the other hand, sees them as heroes, or real Robin Hoods. Many plot twists and nail-biting scenes make Money Heist a great show to binge on Netflix.

Since Money Heist first aired on Netflix in May 2017, fans have loved it. Therefore, Netflix decided to follow the story with more seasons. It released four seasons in total until now, with the fifth season underway for an October 2021 release. The second part of the fifth season is going to be released at the end of 2021. As this is the situation, fans have some questions in their minds.

Will there be a Money Heist season 6?

Unfortunately not. Netflix is not going to make more seasons for its popular heist drama after the fifth season. However, they decided to make the last season as intense as ever with their decision to release it in two parts. Therefore, we are kind of going to watch two seasons instead of one with Money Heist season 5.

As this will be the last season, you can expect bigger actions to take place. “We can’t wait to show you how this story ends,” said Netflix while announcing the filming wrap for the fifth season.

How many episodes will there be in Money Heist season 5?

Money Heist’s fifth and final season is going to contain more episodes than the earlier sets of installments. The latest two seasons had eight episodes each. Therefore, people thought the fifth season was going to have eight episodes, too. However, it’s not going to happen as Money Heist season 5 is going to have 10 episodes.

The fifth season is going to be released in two parts, unlike the earlier parts. We presume Netflix is going to divide the season from the middle, giving us five episodes in each part. So we’ll have to wait for three months to finish watching Money Heist after seeing the first part.

What is the release date of Money Heist season 5?

Netflix is going to release Money Heist season 5 in two parts, with the first coming in September and the second in December.

The release date of Money Heist season 5 part 1 is December 3rd, 2021. The second part, on the other hand, is going to be on Netflix exactly three months after. It’ll premiere on December 3rd.

You can check out the trailer video Netflix shared while with the release dates below.

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