Is There a Megan Huntsman True-Crime Documentary Available on Netflix?

Is There a Megan Huntsman True-Crime Documentary Available on Netflix?

Netflix has a giant library of true crime documentaries. In fact, the streamer has made quite the reputation for carrying the most shocking and intriguing documentaries. 

So is the horrifying tale of a mother killing six of her children, the Megan Huntsman Documentary available to stream on Netflix? Let’s find out. 

The documentary is a tale of a gruesome murder

Megan Huntsman’s case shocked not only the Mormon community of Utah but also the entire nation. The case received widespread attention because of the sensitive subject. The woman, a mother of two, was accused of killing her six newborns. Her last seventh baby was born dead. 

Her husband, Darren West called the cops on her when he found the newborns’ bodies stashed in his garage. The woman later admitted to her crimes. She murdered all six of them because she as a drug addict couldn’t care for them. West was married to Megan for over 10 years and had no idea that his wife was pregnant and murdered his babies from 1996 to 2006. As soon as the babies were born, Megan would immediately strangle them or suffocate them. Ensuring that they had stopped breathing, she used to put them in a container and hide it in the garage. She never moved the bodies or cremated them for fear of getting caught. 

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The woman has three grown children who were apparently born before her drug addiction. Megan has reportedly served in the federal prison for methamphetamine abuse. All the seven babies were born after her drug addiction.  

All the babies born were healthy and biologically related to the West. Except the last baby was stillborn. Huntsman became pregnant when she was only a teenager. Lack of proper guidance and no support system, she chose to commit murder. In a surprising turn of events, her mother Joyce Huntsman defended her in court. Her surviving children also did the same and even penned letters addressing the court. 

Is the Megan Huntsman documentary available on Netflix?

Murder mysteries are always interesting and the streamer has a lot of them. However, Netflix doesn’t carry the Megan Huntsman Documentary.

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