Is There a Documentary, ‘The Story of Top’ on NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again on Netflix?

Is There a Documentary, ‘The Story of Top’ on NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again on Netflix?

Netflix documentaries are about a variety of personalities from different professions. The streaming platform has documentaries about Basketball legends, iconic Hollywood superstars, and football celebrities. Other incredible documentaries are about some great American rappers. So naturally, when the word got out about ‘The Story of Top,’ a Netflix documentary on NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again, people searched for it.

But is there such a documentary on Netflix? Let us find out.

Is there a The Story of Top on Netflix?

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a well-known rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who has a devoted fanbase because of his honest street tales. He made his debut as one of the emerging stars of 2015/2016.

He became a consistent fixture on the Billboard charts in 2017, releasing mixtapes, EPs, and songs on a regular basis. Until Death Call My Name, his debut album arrived in the Top Ten of the Billboard 200 in 2018. While his mixtape AI YoungBoy 2 debuted at the top of the list in 2019.

So when a rapper is this popular among his fans. No doubt people want to see his life’s journey in a documentary. However, that film is still to be made. And the poster and preview page of Netflix that has been doing rounds on the internet, making people believe such a film exists is a clever concept.

This extremely intricate poster is made by Reddit user u/OnyxOnOpium.

People’s reaction to the poster

While the well-made poster instantly fooled many. Even though they know the film does not exist, some want to see it in the flesh. Some of the comments on the poster are

  • “nearly thought it was real for a sec.”
  • “Harddddddd”
  • “I thought this was real 🔥🔥🔥”

So clearly, it is evident that there is no such documentary by the name of The Story of Top on Netflix. However, Netflix still has some great documentaries and docu-series about popular rappers.

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Let us know if you want an NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again documentary made by Netflix or not?

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