Is Sweet Tooth season 2 going to happen?

Is Sweet Tooth season 2 going to happen?

Let’s check out every possibility regarding the renewal of the new popular Netflix show Sweet Tooth for season 2.

Sweet Tooth is a Netflix Original action-adventure show that premiered on June 4th. It is executive produced by Robert and Susan Downey, so it was on a great hype train before the release. The story is about a hybrid boy, who’s half deer and half-human. Sweet Tooth tells of that boy’s adventures with other hybrids in a post-apocalyptic world. The story is based on a DC comic by Jeff Lemire.

Sweet Tooth is a pretty new show, but it’s already breaking the charts. It managed to get great reviews from both the viewers and the critics alike, with an 8.2 IMDb rating (still increasing) and a 93% viewer score on Rotten Tomatoes. The critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, on the other hand, is 97%. It was a perfect 100% yesterday, so be aware that the scores are subject to change, as Sweet Tooth just debuted.

With that being the case, Sweet Tooth fans are already waiting for a second season. Netflix has not officially announced the renewal yet. However, Sweet Tooth is probably going to take on where it left. But when can they renew Sweet Tooth season 2? If they do, when can we expect it to come to Netflix? We tried to answer those questions with the information available.

Is there going to be a Sweet Tooth season 2?

As we all know, Sweet Tooth managed to show its worth to Netflix on the very first day of release. With all the scores and positive reviews, it’s obvious that fans are craving for a second season of Sweet Tooth. Netflix would want to leverage this situation and give us a second season as soon as possible.

If we also take into account the cliffhangers at the end of the first season, they would want to take care of the loose ends. The story has not ended yet.

There’s nothing official on that yet, but it seems like a no-brainer for the streaming service to renew Sweet Tooth for season 2. It would be profitable, after all.

The question is when we can expect to do so, and when they can release the second season.

When is Netflix going to renew Sweet Tooth for season 2?

Usually, Netflix renews its original shows around a month after the release. We see them announce the second season a month after the debut of the show.

Of course, this does not mean Netflix is exactly going to announce the renewal on July 4th. There is nothing for certain yet. The show is pretty new, after all.

But it still gives us a pretty good idea about when to expect Netflix to announce the renewal. You can expect them to announce Sweet Tooth season 2 within a month.

What is the release date of Sweet Tooth season 2?

The viewers will have to wait for a release date after the renewal announcement, right. When can Netflix possibly release the second season of Sweet Tooth, if it’s going to happen?

Well, Netflix has a pretty consistent schedule, at least enough to be predictable. They generally release the second season of the series a year after the release. Therefore, Summer 2022 seems like a good bet. Let us remind you again that there’s nothing certain yet.

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