Is Ryan Reynolds Debbie Reynolds’ Son?

Is Ryan Reynolds Debbie Reynolds’ Son?

Who wouldn’t want to be Ryan Reynolds’s relative? The Hollywood industry is a big one with generations of families penetrating the industry. The actor was previously married to actress Scarlett Johansson and later to Blake Lively with whom he has three kids. Ryan entered the A-list category of actors especially after giving his most successful movie Deadpool. That brought attention to his name, Reynolds. And people wondered if he is related to any other Reynolds in the industry.

There are several celebrities of the same name, possibly related to each other. So when you have two people of the same surname, you wonder if they are related in any way. The same question arises about Ryan Reynolds, who was also rumored to be a relative of late actor and sex symbol Burt Reynolds. But is Ryan the son of late actress Debbie Reynolds? The late actress was nominated for Oscars for her lead in The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1963). Perhaps acting was in his genes?

Is Ryan Reynolds related to Debbie Reynolds?

There have been questions about whether Ryan Reynolds is the son of late actress Debbie Reynolds. The answer to that is No. The two legendary celebrities are not related to each other. Ryan was not even born an American citizen, he attained citizenship later. The 6 Underground actor was born in Canada.

He was born in 1976 and is the youngest of four sons. James Chester Reynolds is his father and his mother’s name is Tamara Lee. The Wrexham co-owner has always been vocal about his personal life, even sharing about his rocky relationship with his late father James in Wrexham-based docuseries.

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Meanwhile, Three Little Words actress Debbie Reynolds was born in America in 1932. She had two children, one of which was Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher. Debbie unfortunately, died of a heart attack, carrying the pain of her beloved daughter Carrie’s death. Although some of the famous mother-son duos include Harry Met Sally actress Meg Ryan, mother of Hunger Games actor Jack Quaid.

The other duo is designer Gloria Vanderbilt (member of one of the oldest and richest families) and her son, American Broadcaster Anderson Cooper. And of course the much discussed Smith family members, Red Table Talk host Jada Pinkett Smith, and Karate Kid actor Jaden Smith.

So which other Hollywood celebrities did you think were related? Let us know in the comments.

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